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Aliph Jawbone Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth headsets for mobile phones let you talk without wires, but at the cost of a possibly noisy connection for the person listening to you -- After all, you're talking out the side of your mouth to a tiny microphone in your ear.

As noise-reducing headphones have become popular for listening to music, the same idea is now available for Bluetooth headsets, but with a new wrinkle -- the Aliph Jawbone Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headset doesn't just improve what you're listening to, it also significantly improves the sound for the person you're talking to.

The trick with the Jawbone is a tiny nub on the inside of the unit -- a voice activity sensor that rests against the side of your cheek, so the Jawbone can detect when you are speaking and reduce the background noise on the outgoing signal. (It also dynamically adjusts the volume and frequency of the incoming signal so you can hear better as well.)

For example, when I stood between cars on a moving train, or next to an industrial air compressor -- with overwhelming outside noise -- the Jawbone amazingly almost completely removed the background noise from the outgoing signal.

More on using the Jawbone below ...

The Jawbone has two controls. A small Talk button on one side of the base is used to power the device on and off with a long press (3 seconds), and also to answer or end a call (quick press). The back end of the unit is the Noise Shield button -- press 3 seconds to turn the feature on and off, or quickly to adjust the volume to the next step. The Noise Shield button also activates Bluetooth paring mode when the Jawbone is off. The Jawbone subtlety blinks white and red and also plays short tones to indicate different states. There's also a recessed reset button, just in case.

The product itself is very nicely packaged in a clear plastic case, with the Jawbone mounted for display at the top.

The middle section of the case contains earloops and earbuds to customize your fit. There are two sizes of the earloops for both left and right ears, and four earbuds in different shapes and sizes. The earloops have an interesting design with rubberized suspension, and the earbuds have a variety of elongated designs.

The bottom section of the case contains a custom USB cable to charge the unit, plus a handy USB wall charger (plug into the wall, and plug the USB cable into the charger).

The Jawbone is available from the website online in silver, black, and red for $119, or directly from Cingular Wireless.

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