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Charge through USB -- MDI kwikSynCh

Tired of carrying a bag of power adapters to charge all your electronic devices? A better answer is to carry one charger, with a collection of adapter tips to fit your specific devices -- cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, and other small electronic devices.

But why even carry a special charger, when your laptop can charge devices through the USB connection?

The MDI kwikSynCh Dual Charger ($14.95) takes that USB connection and splits it in two -- one cable for power and data (for example, to charge and sync your MP3 player or PDA), and a second cable with just power so you can simultaniously charge a second device. Just buy additional tips ($6.95) to charge all your devices -- saving weight (and money) compared to additional adapters.

Even better this is all just standard USB -- the tips work with any USB cable, and MDI also offers wall and car power adaptors with a powered USB connector so you can charge without a computer.

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This entry posted on February 8, 2007.

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