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USB Power Adapters - Belkin and MDI SynCharger

Many portable media players, cell phones, and other devices like phone headsets use USB connections to synchronize with computers, and to recharge over the same cable. But sometimes you don't have a computer handy to recharge your device, or you need to recharge multiple devices at the same time -- which is why stand-alone USB-based power adapters can be so useful.

Here's the idea -- A wall power adapter with a standard USB interface, so you can plug in your devices just like you do with a computer, using the same cables that came with your devices. Then add additional cables and adapter tips to charge other devices. There's no product-specific custom connectors or adapters -- just standard USB connectors.

The Belkin Dual USB Power Adapter is a handy package for charging iPods and other devices that use the mini-USB interface. The power adapter has two USB connectors, and folding prongs.

The product includes two 6 foot cords. Use the USB-to-dock connector cable for iPods, including video, nano, and minis. Use the USB-to-mini-USB cable to charge many popular cell phones and other mini-USB charging devices. It's available for $29.99.

MDI SynCharger has expanded on this idea with a broad line of USB-based power adapters, charger cables, and mTips adapters for iPods and media players, mobile phones and smart phones, portable game players, mobile headsets, and other devices ($6.95).

MDI has new adapters for Nintendo Game Boy, Samsung smartphones, HP PDAs, as well as more USB Micro mTips for cellphones, headsets and other devices. You also can use the 6V and 9V Boosters to step up from 5V USB.

There's a new slim Dual USB Wall Adapter ($14.95), which you can use with the kwikSynCh Dual Charger cable (pictured above, $14.95) to charge four devices at a time.

So you can charge multiple devices from your computer, or from wall power, or with a car adapter.

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This entry posted on August 12, 2007.

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