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Duracell Daylite - Bright LED Flashlight

I'm a big fan of LED flashlights -- they're rugged and last forever, and quite bright. But now my flashlights pale by comparison to the new Duracell Daylite LED Flashlight, that has such a brighter and whiter beam that it washes out my old light.

The trick is Duracell's TrueBeam technology, which uses both a lens and a reflector to capture and project up to 100% of the light from the LED, and without the dark spot from old flashlights. The beam is adjustable from narrow spotlight to wider floodlight.

The Daylite flashlights are rugged (aircraft grade aluminum), with a lifetime guarantee.

The Daylite line is available with 3 different included batteries: AA or AAA batteries (3W / 80 Lumens, $24), or a CR123 model (4W / 160 Lumens, $34).

See my Portable Power Accessories Gallery for more details.

    Find the Duracell Daylite LED Flashlight on Amazon.com

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