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iGo Charge Anywhere - Portable USB Charger

More portable devices are using USB chargers and cables, which simplifies the hassle of tracking and packing power adapters when you're on the go. You can get far, for example, with a USB-to-iPod cable for your Apple devices, plus a USB-to-microUSB cable for a wide variety of devices, from Bluetooth headsets to mobile phones and smartphones. You then can charge your devices from the USB port on your laptop, or plug in a USB wall adapter.

Even better, you can use the iGo Charge Anywhere -- a USB wall charger for $49 that also has an integrated battery to charge when you're away from a power outlet. As a bonus, it also has two USB outlets, so you can charge two devices at once, whether plugged in or unplugged on the go.

The Charge Anywhere should work with most of your portable gear, including Bluetooth headsets, mobile phones, media players, portable gaming devices, digital cameras, and GPS devices. It also includes a USB adapter to connect to the wide variety of iGo tips for specific devices.

The Charge Anywhere is well designed, with a folding power plug for compact travel, and a power button to turn on the USB charging ports. And it's relatively small and light, at around 3 1/2 x 2 x 3/4 inches, yet iGo reports that it provides up to three full charges for most mobile devices.

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