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Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 for Beginner and Enthusiast Video Editing

Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 is intended as a complete consumer video editing program, to import, edit, burn and share standard or HD video.

However, over time even consumer tools like VideoStudio have bulked up with a wide range of features and options for more experienced enthusiasts, which may then overwhelm beginners and occasional users.

As a result, Corel has split its VideoStudio Pro product into four separate applications, for easy vs. more advanced editing, and for video and DVD:

  • VideoStudio Express 2010 - for easy video editing and sharing
  • VideoStudio Pro X3 - for advanced video editing
  • DVD Factory Pro 2010 - for easy disc authoring and burning
  • DVD Movie Factory 7 SE - for advanced disc authoring and burning

(Yes, the product names are somewhat inconsistent, with two DVD "Factory" products, and using "Pro" for the entry-level DVD tool. In addition, DVD Movie Factory was a late addition to the product after it shipped, so it's a separate download, and not integrated with the other tools.)

The key features of the new VideoStudio Pro include new templates and filters, broader support for high-definition file and disc formats including Blu-ray, and faster editing and rendering with support for multi-core processors and graphics acceleration.

The entry-level tools included in the product, VideoStudio Express and DVD Factory Pro, share a common design built around a Media Organizer hub to import and organize clips.

But somewhat confusingly, these are actually two-in-one tools -- supporting direct editing and sharing of individual clips within the Organizer, as well as the video editing or DVD authoring for a collection of clips as the product names suggest.

The more advanced tools then have more traditional interfaces, with VideoStudio Pro built around operations on a timeline, and DVD Movie Factory using a three-step process to assemble media, edit and preview the menu design and navigation, and then burn the resulting disc.

Corel offers free trial versions of its products as downloads from its website. These are full versions, so you can fully explore the software, and experiment with how it runs on your particular system and with your specific kinds of video clips.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 was released in early 2010 for $99. VideoStudio Express 2010 is available separately for $49. The venerable PaintShop Photo Pro X3 also was recently released for $99, or is available with VideoStudio Pro X3 as the Corel Photo & Video Pro X3 Bundle for $149.

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Find Corel VideoStudio Pro X3, VideoStudio Express 2010, and the Photo & Video Pro X3 Bundle on Amazon.com.

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