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Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker with Skinit Covers

Wireless speakers are a fun addition for your portable devices -- smartphones and tablets -- since they let you enjoy and share the music with better clarity than built-in speakers. Smaller wireless speakers provide a nice boost in a portable size (see earlier posts), but still are for individual listing or small spaces.

Then the Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker steps this idea up to larger spaces -- in offices, dorms, garages, or for picnicking or tailgating.

This is a cylinder of sound, 14 inches high and under 6 inches in diameter. It has a 2 inch tweeter and 3 inch woofer that deliver 5 watts of output -- more than enough to blow out a small space.

The speaker has a molded carry handle, with a weather-resistant design for outdoor use, including a rubber cap protecting the power jack and screw-in bolts protecting the battery compartment on the bottom. It plays up to 14 hours from 6 AA batteries.

You can play wirelessly over Bluetooth from your device, with a straightforward Pairing button on the top. Or pop open the back to access the built-in 3.5mm audio cable to directly connect your audio player. The back also serves as a storage compartment, to tuck away your music player while it's attached, or to stow your keys or phone.

There also are Power and Volume Up/Down controls under the handle. The volume is local to the speaker, independent of the player's volume -- and does beep loudly when you reach the max setting.

The Portable Speaker comes in plain white, ready for you to customize with a free skin design from Skinit. Choose from thousands of designs including pro and college sports teams, art, entertainment, or fashion -- or create your own custom design.

The AR Portable Wireless Speaker with Skinit is available for $99. It opens up your music from your portable devices to share in larger spaces, and to the outdoors.

See my Holiday Gadgets 2012 coverage of Portable Speakers for more on portable audio.

Find the AR Portable Wireless Speaker on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on March 18, 2013.

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