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Kingston MobileLite Wireless - SD / USB Wi-Fi Reader / Streamer / Charger

Wireless storage devices like the Maxell AirStash Wireless Flash Drive (see earlier post) are a new and tremendously useful category of gadget for our phones and tablets.

We have lots of digital files that have been collected over time -- data and media -- and we don't necessarily want to be concerned with syncing all this stuff among all our devices, or filling up all the memory in our phones. But sometimes it's useful to have our favorite files along -- to enjoy on trips, for example -- and it's also helpful to be able to easily share and transfer files with other mobile devices.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless provides a complete answer for wireless sharing between mobile devices and portable storage in a package a bit larger then the mini AirStash.

- It has both a USB and SD port, so it can serve as a hub for both USB flash drives and SD cards.

- It serves as a Wi-Fi hub, so you can connect to it from up to three different devices simultaneously. And you can configure it to bridge through to your existing Wi-Fi hub, so you can remain connected to the Internet while sharing files.

- It also has a microUSB port, for charging, and to connect to a computer to use as a USB / SD card reader, to load and transfer files. (The wireless is disabled while connected to a computer.)

- Finally, as a bonus, you even can use it as a portable battery to charge your phone.

But beyond the interfaces and connectivity, the real success of these devices depends on the software. And the MobileLite Wireless app (for iOS and Android) really shines, with a straightforward interface, consistent and complete functionality, and strong integration with operating system (including multitasking to run with other apps).

You can browse files and folders on your device and the attached USB / SD storage, and directly view photos, music, and video. It has complete support for transferring files between the local device and the wireless storage, to copy or move, delete or rename. And within your device, you can transfer photos from / to the iOS Camera Roll, and use Open in to bring files from/to other apps.

The Kingston MobileLite Wireless is about the size of a small phone at 4 7/8 x 2 1/4 x 5/8 inches, very light at 3 1/2 oz., and is available for $59.

Find the Kingston MobileLite Wireless on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on July 22, 2013.

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