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TYLT FLYP-DUO Reversible USB Cable

So simple, so sensible, so smart -- The TYLT FLYP-DUO Reversible USB Cable is a USB cable with both microUSB and Lightning connectors on one end -- plus a reversable USB connector on the other end.

It solves the aggravation of never having the right cable handy -- with both a microUSB connector and small Apple Lightning adapter attached on a teather.

So it works in a household with both Apple and Android users, and for Apple users with microUSB-based Bluetooth or charging devices.

Plus -- you know the aggravation of trying to plug in a USB cable, contorting yourself to reach around and under a computer, and never getting it right the first time? Somehow it always takes three tries -- You try it one way, and it won't go in; You flip it over and try again, and it's still wrong; So you flip it back and now it goes in...

So TYLT simply made the USB connector reversable -- It plugs in either way, and just works. Doh -- Of course!

The FLYP-DUO cables also are full charge & sync -- You can use them both for power and to transfer data. As a bonus, they come in bright colors, so they're easy to find. The cable also has a tangle-free and sturdy flat design with a soft-touch finish.

TYLT FLYP-DUO Cables are available for $24.99 in 1 foot lengths and $29.99 for 3 1/3 feet, in black, blue, red, and green.

No more aggravation! ... at least from cables.

Find the TYLT FLYP-DUO Cable on Amazon.com

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This entry posted on July 19, 2015.

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