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Jan Ozer on Producing and Encoding Streaming Web Video

Do you want to shoot or encode streaming media for the Web, to view on computers, or on mobile devices including the iPhone and iPad? Then your go-to guy is Jan Ozer, who has been shooting, editing, and delivering video for decades -- and freely sharing his expertise in books and a wide variety of magazines (see Wikipedia bio).

Jan was back at the Streaming Media East Conference in New York earlier this month, presenting workshops on both Video Production and on Encoding H.264 Video for web streaming (see post from last year).

As usual, the conference organizers have posted these and other workshop and presentation notes on the website.

Ozer also has developed his own Streaming Learning Center website and blog, with industry updates and his trademark authoritative articles with technical analysis and comparisons of video tools and compression codecs.

Jan has posted detailed notes from his presentations at Streaming Media East:

- Video Production for Web Streaming

An extensive survey of key issues in the production workflow for preparing streaming video, spanning Production (setup, lighting, shooting), Editing (particularly correct use of aspect radio and de-interlacing), and Encoding (with codec comparisons and recommended settings).

As usual, Jan provides useful, practical advice, with lots of specifics (100-some slides) illustrated with example screen shots of dos and don'ts.

- Encoding H.264 Video for Streaming and Progressive Download

Lots of information and advice on H.264 encoding parameters, with specifics on producing for computer, iTunes, iPhone and iPad. Plus a bonus section on comparing codecs, with extensive examples with different encoding options.

Again, check Ozer's Streaming Learning Center site for deeper articles on these and related topics. And don't miss his presentations at the Streaming Media conferences.

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