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DVD Authoring Resources

Industry Organizations, Standards, Formats

    by Douglas Dixon

See also: 

PC Technology Resources  (Interface and storage formats)
Digital Video Editing References  (Media formats)

DVD References

DVD Demystified & FAQ, Jim Taylor

DVD Demystified -- Jim Taylor's site
    DVD Glossary --
    Demo Disc --
    WebDVD --

Recipe 4 DVD - Bruce Nazarian

VideoHelp (DVDR Help / Video CD Help)

Top Ten DVD Authoring Nightmares Guide - CustomFlix

NIST Digital Preservation Program

NIST - Care and Handling Guide for the Preservation of CDs and DVDs

Library Video Company - Protecting Your DVD Collection


DVD Industry Organizations

DVD Association (DVDA)

DVD Entertainment Group (DEG -- DVD-Video and DVD-Audio)

DVD Forum  (DVD formats)

RW Products Promotion Initiative (RWPPI -- DVD-R and DVD-RW)

Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC -- DVD-RAM, DVD-R, DVD-RW)

RAM Promotion Group (RAMPRG)

DVD+RW Alliance (+RW formats)

DVD+RW Resources

DVD Format/Logo Licensing Corporation (DVD FLLC)


DVD Disc Formats

Microsoft Windows Media Video HD (WMV HD)


Blu-ray Disc (BD)


  • Championed by Sony and Panasonic
  • Strong support from the consumer electronics and computer industries
  • More aggressive step forward
  • 25 GB per layer and 50 GB for a DL disc
  • 1/07 - TDK - preview 200 GB disc
  • Blu-ray Disc Association

HD DVD  (Obsolete)


  • Championed by Toshiba and NEC, DVD Forum
  • Designed as incremental improvement beyond DVD
  • 15 GB per layer and 30 GB for dual-layer
  • 1/07 - Toshiba Corporation announced triple-layer 51 GB HD DVD-ROM, 17GB per layer
  • Combo discs with DVD
  • HD DVD Promotion Group

Warner Total Hi Def (THD)  (Obsolete)


  • Two-sided disc: One HD DVD and the other Blu-ray
  • Each side single layer or dual layers 
  • HD DVD 15 GB or 30 GB,  Blu-ray 25 GB or 50 GB
  • 2nd half 2007

Copy Protection -- AACS

  • Movies locked down with extensive layers of copy protection technology
  • Set-top high-def DVD players will display HD picture only on displays that support HDMI interface
  • Titles may permit display at lower resolution on older analog displays

Dual Disc


Audio Format Organizations

DVD-Audio Council

DualDisc Consortium