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  About Manifest Technology / Douglas Dixon

About this Manifest Technology Site

This Manifest Technology Web site is designed to help you make sense of computer and consumer electronics technology. It's for people who are interested in actually using some of this cool new stuff, but would like help figuring it out.

Instead of providing product reviews or exhaustive feature comparisons of specific versions, the focus here is on providing the overall context and information you need to help make sense of what's available, and to understand whether it might be of use to you. Read the articles, check out the links, and enjoy!

This site contains several hundred articles, presentations, and references, all freely available for personal use.

About Douglas Dixon -- Summary -- Details

Douglas Dixon / Manifest Technology

Douglas Dixon is an independent technology consultant, editor, author, and speaker specializing in digital media. 


Through his company, Manifest Technology, LLC, he consults and develops technical communications for military and commercial clients including Adobe, Intel, and Sonic Solutions

Doug also provides expert witness consulting services in digital media and DVD technology and products, business and markets, including for RealNetworks v. MPAA and  Apple Computer v.

He was previously a product manager, project leader, and software developer developing high-tech multimedia technology into real-world products at Intel Corp. and Sarnoff Corp. (formerly RCA Labs) in Princeton, N.J., including the development of DVI Technology -- Digital Video Interactive video on PCs (1982 - 1992).


Doug is the author of four books and associated international editions, including Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio (O'Reilly, Sept. 2004), Desktop DVD Authoring (New Riders, 2002) and How to Use Adobe Premiere 6.5 (Que, 2002).


Doug has published over 300 feature articles since 1999. He covers digital media for publications including Videomaker magazine, Digital2Disc / One to One magazine, and Condé Nast Traveler magazine, and online at Internet Video Magazine. He covers regional technology business in Princeton's U.S. 1 Newspaper.

Previously, he was Editor-in-Chief and Editor at Large for CDSA's Mediaware magazine, East Coast Technical Editor for Camcorder & Computer Video magazine, and a contributor to Digital Photographer magazine, DV Magazine and CNET Reviews
(See What's New for a chronological list of articles, and the Links to External Articles page.)

Doug has organized and presented over 130 talks and seminars on digital media topics since 2001, for professional groups and at conferences including NAB, CES, Government Video Expo, DV Expo, ShowBiz Expo NY, DVD Conference, and TECHXNY / PC Expo. 
(See Presentations Schedule and  Technical Seminar Topics)
Doug makes his work freely available online on his Manifest Technology website, including articles, seminar materials, and other digital media information and references, and posts shorter updates on his Manifest Technology Blog. He also has been a Contributing Editor to Internet Video Magazine.

Check What's New for updates to this site. 

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