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  DVD Authoring Software Gallery
    -- Professional Tools  (see also Consumer Tools)

    by Douglas Dixon

Software applications for desktop DVD authoring, organized from consumer to professional. Each application includes a brief description, and information on the latest released version. Product descriptions and images are summarized from published information. 

(Also see the longer Full version, with application screenshots.)


See also: Digital Video Editing Software Gallery

Updates -- 2010

5/2010 - Adobe - Encore CS5

Professional DVD Authoring Tools

DVD authoring with support for more DVD-Video features: menu and button graphics, multiple video and audio streams, subtitles, navigational links, scripts, Dolby audio. Still at an "abstraction layer" above the DVD specification, with limits on full multi-tracks, multiple titles, programmability, etc. Customization requires more manual editing and layout, materials to be prepared and converted to DVD formats. Around $200 to $700.

Apple Computer - DVD Studio Pro 4

Simply Powerful DVD Authoring

Apple DVD Studio Pro 4.2 - with FC Studio 2, released May 2007
    Apple Final Cut Studio 2 -  $1,299
    Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, 
         Compressor 3, DVD Studio Pro 4.2, Color

Adobe Systems - Encore CS5

Deliver projects for DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or web DVD

Adobe Encore CS5, released May 2010 
    Bundled with Premiere Pro CS3, with OnLocation, $799
    Intel Mac and Windows XP / Vista

CS5 Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator,
        Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder
    plus Bridge, Device Central, Dynamic Link

See Summary of Adobe Creative Suite 5
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Find Adobe Premiere Pro CS5,
Adobe CS5 Production Premium, and
Adobe CS5 Master Collection on

Roxio [Sonic] - DVDit Pro 6 / Pro HD 6              

Comprehensive Blu-ray Disc authoring for video professionals and enthusiasts

Roxio [Sonic] DVDit Pro HD 6 - released Dec. 2006, v. 6.4 June 2008
    DVDit 6 Pro $199; DVDit Pro HD 6 $299 (Blu-ray),

See article on Delivering HD Discs: Roxio DVDit Pro HD
Find related Sonic/Roxio articles in the Manifest Tech Blog

    Find Roxio DVDit Pro HD on

Sonic Solutions - ReelDVD 3  (old)

Professional-level DVD authoring tool designed for corporate video projects 

Sonic ReelDVD 3 $249 - 2005
Sonic ReelDVD 3 $599 - Q2 2004
Sonic ReelDVD 3 $699 - Q2 2003
Sonic ReelDVD 3.0 released summer 2002; $1500

Ulead Systems - DVD Workshop Express (old)

DVD authoring software for corporate and personal use

Ulead DVD Workshop Express, released July 2004; $299 - $199

Ulead Systems [Corel] - Ulead DVD Workshop 2 (old)

Powerful and intuitive authoring software for professional DVD creation

Ulead DVD Workshop 2, released Jan. 2004; $495 - $395
    DVD Workshop 2.2 update - released July 2004

Find related Corel/Ulead/InterVideo articles in the Manifest Tech Blog

    Find Ulead DVD Workshop on


Professional / Film DVD Authoring Tools

High-end tools for multimedia professionals and feature film DVD production. From $10K and up.

Sonic Solutions - DVD Fusion / DVD Producer   (old)

For multimedia professionals 

Sonic DVD Fusion - on Macintosh

Sonic DVD Producer - on Windows
    Authoring software $2K, with SD encoders $5K, $13K
    Sonic DVD Producer 4.5 - released Sept. 2004 - $1,999

Sonic Solutions - Creator / Scenarist

For feature film DVD production 

Sonic Scenarist - on Windows

Sonic DVD Creator - on Macintosh (old)

New: Scenarist Authoring Workgroup for
    Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD Authoring

Industry-standard professional DVD authoring system for feature film and commercial DVD title production. 

Systems range in price from $4,999 to $35,000.

- Scenarist Studio - 16:9, DVD-9, up to 3 camera angles 
- Scenarist Advanced - adds copy protection, regional coding and closed-caption 
- Scenarist Professional - up to 9 video angles, DTS, Text Data, Jacket Pictures.


DVD Recording Tools

Other tools and utilities for DVD authoring, DVD copying, and data recording.

Ahead Software - Nero

B.H.A Software - B's Recorder

CyberLink - PowerDVD Copy

GEAR Software - GEAR PRO

InterVideo - DVD Copy

NewTech Infosystems (NTI) - CD & DVD Maker

Pinnacle Systems - Instant CD/DVD  (formerly VOB)

Roxio (Sonic) - Easy Media Creator  (formerly Adaptec)

Software Architects - WriteDVD

Sonic Solutions - RecordNow!