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Manifest Technology: Digital Media Galleries

Trends and Sample Products

    by Douglas Dixon

 PC Video Galleries   DVD Galleries 

  Video Editing Software Gallery
    Consumer and professional tools


  DVD Authoring Software Gallery
    Consumer and professional tools

  High-Def / DVD Gallery
     CD, DVD, Blu-ray, HD DVD
     Optical disc trends

 Portable / Wireless Media Galleries  Portable Accessories Galleries

  Portable Media Player Gallery
    MP3 / video players: Flash & Hard disk
    Multifunction devices: Satellite, Games
    Apple iPod / iPhone / iPad Gallery

Handheld Devices Gallery
  E-book readers, Handheld games

  Mobile Communications Gallery
    Mobile media: Mobile phones to PDAs
    Portable GPS navigation
    Smartphone Apps Gallery

 Portable Storage Gallery
    Flash storage: Memory cards, USB drives
    Hard disk storage: USB pocket drives
    USB transfer devices

  Portable Audio Accessories Gallery
    Headsets, headphones, speakers
    Wireless, Bluetooth

  Portable Power Accessories Gallery
    Batteries, chargers
    Adapters, tips, wireless

  Peripherals and Accessories Gallery
    Keyboards and mice, CE for Kids
    USB / data connections - Portable power

 Digital Imaging Galleries  Home Media Galleries

 Consumer Digital Video Camcorders Gallery
    Personal video goes HD
    DV / Tape, DVD / Disc, Hard Disk, Flash

 Consumer Digital Photo Cameras Gallery
    Photos beyond megapixels
    Accessories: Tripods, frames

  Home Networked Media Gallery
    Home Networked Media
    Displays, cameras, servers


OLD / Archived Gallery Entries

  Portable / Wireless Media Galleries
    Portable Media Player Gallery - OLD
    Handheld Devices Gallery - OLD
    Mobile Communications Gallery - OLD
    Portable Storage Gallery - OLD

  Digital Imaging Galleries
    Video Camcorders Gallery - OLD
    Digital Photo Cameras Gallery - OLD

  Portable Accessories Galleries
    Audio Accessories Gallery - OLD
    Power Accessories Gallery - OLD
    Peripherals and Accessories Gallery - OLD

  Home Media Galleries
    High-Def / DVD Gallery - OLD
    Consumer HDTV Gallery - OLD
    Home Networked Media Gallery - OLD