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  DVD Authoring Software Gallery
    -- Consumer Tools  (see also Professional Tools)

    by Douglas Dixon

Software applications for desktop DVD authoring, organized from consumer to professional. Each application includes a brief description, and information on the latest released version. Product descriptions and images are summarized from published information. 

(Also see the longer Full version, with application screenshots.)


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Updates -- 2010

5/2010 - Adobe - Encore CS5

DVD Software Players

Software applications for playing DVDs on your computer, with enhanced viewing options and capabilities for exploring the DVD structure. Bundled free with operating systems, or third party applications for $50 to $80.

Apple Computer - DVD Player for Macintosh OS X

Macintosh DVD video player

Apple DVD Player version 3.1.1 released March 2002
Included with Macintosh OS X

Microsoft Corp. - Windows Media Player for Windows XP    

All-in-one player and organizer for music and video, CDs and DVDs, Internet and portable devices

Windows Media Player 11 beta, 2006
Windows Media Player 10, Sept. 2004
Windows Media Player 9, Jan. 2003
Windows Media 9 Beta released Oct. 2002
Media Player version 8 included with Windows XP

CyberLink Corp. - PowerDVD 8

New Dimensions in Movie Entertainment

CyberLink PowerDVD 8, released April 2008
  PowerDVD 8 $49, Deluxe $69 with advanced video & audio
    Ultra $99 with HD video & audio, Blu-ray

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Corel [InterVideo] - WinDVD 9

Ultimate DVD and video playback experience

Corel WinDVD 9 released March 2008
    Std $49, Plus $79 (AVCHD, H.264), Blu-ray $99

WinDVD Hi-definition Advisor tool 
    Run to check if system can play Blu-ray and HD DVD movies

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InterActual Technologies - InterActual Player 2.0


Plays DVD-Video seamlessly integrated with Web content stored on either the disc or the Web

InterActual Player 2.0 released August 2000 (formerly PC Friendly)
Included on retail movie DVDs

InterActual acquired by Sonic Solutions, Feb. 2004

Roxio [Sonic] - CinePlayer  [ part of Roxio Creator - see below ]

DVD player with with OpenDVD support

Sonic CinePlayer Surround, $49
Sonic CinePlayer 3.2, $29


Personal / Automated DVD Authoring Tools

Simplified DVD authoring - working at an "abstraction layer" to hide the details (and significant capabilities) of the full DVD-Video specification. Can provide turn-key DVD authoring, direct from DV in to DVD out. Import and convert a wide variety of media formats. Template and wizard-based, automated menu layout, and some capability to edit and customize. Range from around $30 to $100.

Apple Inc. - iDVD '08

Create Hollywood-style DVDs featuring your movies and slideshows

Apple iDVD '08, released Aug. 2007
    iLife '08 suite $79, included with new Macs

CyberLink Corp. - PowerProducer 4

Produce High-Definition Home Movies and Slideshows on Discs

CyberLink PowerProducer 4, released Nov. 2006, $69

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InterVideo Corp. - WinDVD Creator 3

Fast and easy-to-use editing and DVD / VCD creation

InterVideo WinDVD Creator 3 released May 2006
    Gold $49.95, Platinum $69.95

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MedioStream - NeoDVD 7

DVD authoring software you can depend on

neoDVD 7, released June 2005, $49.99

Roxio [Sonic] - MyDVD 9        [ Now part of Roxio Creator -- see below]

The Easiest Way To Create Video and Photo CDs and DVDs

Roxio MyDVD 9, released Jan. 2007
    MyDVD 9 Premier $69; Studio $49 (SD)
    Also in Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 Suite

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Ulead Systems - DVD MovieFactory 6

Easy Editing and Authoring for Making Home Movies

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6, released Feb. 2007, $49, Plus $79

    Plus: HD capture (HDV, AVCHD), edit, burn (HD DVD, Blu-ray)
        disc utilities for data and media, disc copying

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Consumer Digital Media Suites

Suites of tools for digital media creation, editing, management, sharing -- including video, audio / music, and photo editing, disc burning, and online sharing. Around $100.

Nero 9

Simply Create, Rip, Burn, Copy, Share, Backup, Play, and Enjoy

Nero 9, released Sept. 2009, $99, $79 download
    Blu-ray Disc Authoring Plug-in, $9.99 download

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Nero Move it

Simply transfer your music, videos, and photos to enjoy anytime, anywhere

Nero Move it, released 9/08, $49.99, download $39.99

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    Find Nero Move it on

Roxio - Creator 2011

Enhance, preserve, capture, and share your digital media

Roxio Creator 2011 Suite, released Aug. 2010, $99
    High-Def/Blu-ray Disc Plug-In $19.99. BD Plug-in $49
    Creator 2011 Pro bundle $129
        Blu-ray, audio and backup tools

PR 8/10 -

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