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  Digital Video Editing Software Gallery
    -- Professional Tools  (see also Consumer Tools)

Expanded Version -- with details & screenshots

Expanded version, previous releases and screenshots
Also see the faster-loading Summary version

    by Douglas Dixon

Software applications for digital video editing, separated into consumer and professional tools. Each application includes a brief description, and information on the latest released version, with product descriptions and images are summarized from published information. (The Expanded versions include previous product releases and application screenshots.)


See also: DVD Authoring Software Gallery

Recent Updates -- 2011

10/2011 - Sony - Vegas Pro 11
9/2011 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 10
6/2011 - Sony - Vegas Movie Studio 11
6/2011 - Apple - Final Cut Pro X
5/2011 - Adobe - Premiere Pro CS 5.5
3/2011 - Avid - Studio
2/2011 - Avid - Pinnacle Studio HD 15
2/2011 - Corel - VideoStudio Pro X4

Updates -- 2010

10/2010 - Sony - Vegas Pro 10
10/2010 - Apple - iMovie '11 / iLife '11
9/2010 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 9 and Photoshop Elements 9
5/2010 - Adobe - Premiere Pro CS5
1/2010 - Corel - VideoStudio Pro X3 (VideoStudio Express 2010)

Updates -- 2009

9/2009 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 8 (and Photoshop Elements 8)
7/2009 - Apple - Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Studio [3]
6/2009 - Adobe - Premiere Pro CS4, version 4.1 upgrade
6/2009 - Sony - Vegas Pro 9
1/2009 - Apple - iMovie '09 / iLife '09

Updates -- 2008

10/2008 - Adobe - Premiere Pro CS4
9/2008 - Corel - VideoStudio Pro X2
9/2008 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 7
8/2008 - Sony - Vegas Movie Studio 9
6/2008 - Pinnacle - Studio 12
5/2008 - CyberLink - PowerDirector 7
3/2008 - Sorenson - Squeeze 5

Updates -- 2007

11/2007 - Apple - Final Cut Express 4
9/2007- Adobe - Premiere Elements 4
            - Miraizon - Cinematize 2 Pro
            - Sony - Vegas Pro 8
8/2007 - Apple - iLife '08 - iMovie '08
7/2007 - Adobe - Premiere Pro CS3
6/2007 - Apple - Final Cut Pro 6
5/2007 - Pinnacle - Studio 11
4/2007 - Ulead - VideoStudio 11
3/2007 - CyberLink - PowerDirector 6
2/2007 - Grass Valley [Canopus] ProCoder 3
2007 - Sony - Vegas Movie Studio 8

Updates -- 2006

12/2006 - muvee - autoProducer 6
11/2006 - Sorenson - Squeeze 4.5
10/2006 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 3.0
9/2006 - Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite 7
            - Pinnacle - Studio 10.5, HD DVD Authoring Pack
8/2006 - Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum Edition 7
4/2006 - Ulead - VideoStudio 10
3/2006 - Adobe - Premiere Pro 2.0
1/2006 - Apple - iLife '06 - iMovie HD 6
            - muvee - autoProducer 5

Updates -- 2005

9/2005 - Adobe - Premiere Elements 2.0
           - Pinnacle - Studio 10
           - Sony - Vegas Movie Studio+DVD    
           - Ulead - MediaStudio Pro 8
4/2005 - Apple - Final Cut Pro 5
            - Sony - Vegas 6, Vegas+DVD Production Suite
            - Sorenson - Squeeze 4.1 Compression Suite
3/2005 - Ulead - Video Studio 9
1/2005 - Apple - iLife '05 - iMovie HD, Final Cut Express HD

Updates -- 2004

9/2004 - Adobe - Premiere Elements
            - Sony Vegas Movie Studio+DVD
8/2004 - Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite
5/2004 - Adobe - Premiere Pro 1.5
            - Ulead VideoStudio 8
4/2004 - Apple - Final Cut Pro HD
            - Canopus - ProCoder 2.0
            - Roxio VideoWave 7 Professional
            - Sony Vegas 5 +DVD Production Suite
1/2004 - Apple - iLife 04 - iMovie 4
            - Apple - Final Cut Express 2
            - Pinnacle - Studio 9

Updates -- 2003

11/2003 - Avid - Express DV
            - Canopus - ProCoder Express
            - CyberLink - PowerDirector 3
8/2003 - CyberLink - PowerProducer 2, PowerDirector
            - InterVideo - WinDVD Creator 2
            - Discreet - cleaner XL SP 1
7/2003 - Adobe - Premiere Pro
            - Discreet - cleaner XL Service Pack 1
            - Sony - Screenblast Movie Studio
6/2003 - Pinnacle - Edition 7
5/2003 - Sony Pictures Digital to acquire Sonic Foundry products
4/2003 - Apple - Final Cut Pro 4
            - Canopus - ProCoder 1.5
3/2003 - Ulead - MediaStudio Pro 7
            - Discreet - cleaner XL
2/2003 - Apple - Final Cut Express
            - Apple - iMovie 3
            - Sonic Foundry - Vegas Video 4
            - Ulead - VideoStudio 7
1/2003 - muvee Technologies - AutoProducer
            - Sony - Screenblast Movie Studio
            - Sorenson - Squeeze 3 Compression Suite

Professional Video Editing Software

Stand-alone professional video editing tools for up to around $1000, many with MPEG export.

Apple Corp. - Final Cut Express 4

Easy, affordable, powerful movie making

Apple Final Cut Express 4 - released Nov. 2007, $199

    Find Final Cut Express 4 on

Apple Final Cut Express 4 - released Nov. 2007, $199

Open format Timeline
    Edit DV (NTSC and PAL) and HD simultaneously and in real time
    Mix formats, frame rates, resolutions
Built-in AVCHD editing (Intel-based Macs)
    Edit DV native on timeline
    Edit HDV & AVCHD using Apple Intermediate Codec
        (transcode in background on ingest)
Sophisticated FxPlug effects and filters
    50 brand-new video effects, cinematic looks
    Soft Focus, Vignette, Light Rays, Line Art
Import iMovie '08 projects

Apple Final Cut Express HD - Feb. 2005

    Final Cut Express HD - released Feb. 2005; $299, upgrade $99

Video editing application for video enthusiasts, students and aspiring filmmakers

    Professional editing environment, real-time preview
    Capture, edit and output High Definition Video
    Capture HDV over Firewire
    Includes LiveType animated text and motion graphics
        with 27 animated LiveFonts
    Includes Soundtrack music creation software
        4,000 royalty-free instrument loops and sound effects
    Directly import iMovie projects

Apple Final Cut Express 2 - Jan. 2004

Apple Final Cut Express 2 - released Jan. 2004; $299
    Upgrade $99

Feature-rich DV editing software with
    professional editing, compositing and real-time effects

    RT Extreme provides render-free video layers, effects and transitions
        Composite up to five simultaneous DV streams
    Real-time audio volume and filter adjustment
    Automated audio keyframe recording
    Customizable interface: Buttons, window sizing, window layouts
        New timeline with adjustable track heights
    Capture across timecode breaks
    Scoring marker export for Soundtrack
    Chapter marker export for DVD Studio Pro and iDVD
    Compression marker export for Compressor

Apple Final Cut Express - Jan. 2003

Apple Final Cut Express released Jan. 2003; $299

Apple - Final Cut Pro X

Not just a different cut. A whole new production.

Apple Final Cut Pro X - released July 2011, $299.99
    Companion apps: Motion 5 for professional motion graphics
    Compressor 4 for advanced media encoding, $49.99 each

PR 6/11 -

  • Performance
    • Completely rebuilt, 64-bit architecture
      • Takes full advantage of latest Mac hardware and software for real-time playback
    • Cocoa foundation - Highly responsive interface
    • Grand Central Dispatch - Faster multi-threaded processing using all CPU cores
    • GPU utilization - Real-time effects previews and rendering
    • Background processing - Edit while rendering, transcoding, moving media
    • Consistent performance and quality across FCP, Motion, Compressor
      • Shared Render Engine - Realistic, high- precision effects using floating-point, linear-light color space
      • ColorSync-managed color pipeline, color consistency from import to output
  • New, Dynamic Video Editing Interface
    • Magnetic Timeline - Edit on flexible, trackless canvas
      • Add and arrange clips wherever, other clips slide out of the way
    • Clip Connections links clip elements like titles and sound effects
    • Compound Clip - Group elements to edit as single clip
    • Precision Editor - Double-click to trim directly in the timeline
    • Auditions - Group collection of multiple alternative shots
  • Media Organization
    • Content Auto-Analysis categorizes and tags content in background on import
    • Smart Collections - Organize clips without moving or copying files
    • Range-Based Keywords - Create keywords, assign to clip time range
    • Content Libraries - Built-in content browsers

Apple Final Cut Pro 7 - July 2009

Apple's Emmy Award-winning editing software

Apple Final Cut Pro 7 - released July 2009
    Bundled in Final Cut Studio [3], $999, upgrade $299
        FC Studio upgrade $499, FCP upgrade $699
        Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, 
            Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5, DVD Studio Pro 4

- New Apple ProRes codecs: ProRes 422 Proxy for mobile editing
    ProRes 422 LT for general purpose editing, ProRes 4444 for editing at highest quality
- New native AVC-Intra support for the latest high quality Panasonic cameras
- New iChat Theater support for real time collaboration
- New Easy Export for one step output to a variety of formats
    Export to YouTube, MobileMe, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, DVD, Blu-ray
- New interface improvements, including enhanced markers and tabs
- New speed tools to easily change clip speed with ease
- New alpha transitions to create dramatic effects using moving mattes

Apple Final Cut Pro 6 - May 2007

Apple Final Cut Pro 6 - released May 2007

One timeline. Infinite possibilities.

    Bundled in Final Cut Studio 2 $1,299
        FC Studio upgrade $499, FCP upgrade $699
        Final Cut Pro 6, Motion 3, Soundtrack Pro 2, 
            Compressor 3, DVD Studio Pro 4.2, Color

    Find Apple Final Cut Studio 2 on

Final Cut Pro 6 - editing software
    New open format Timeline - mixed video formats and frame rates
    Apple ProRes 422 format, full raster, 10-bit 4:2:2 post production format
    HD quality at SD file sizes
    Flow based SmoothCam technology
        Remove unwanted or jarring camera movement with simple tools
    Directly edit Motion templates with video drop zones and editable text fields
Motion 3 - motion graphics software
    Extends tools to 3D environment, paint and new behaviors
Soundtrack Pro 2 - audio editing application
    New tools for multitrack editing, surround mixing, conforming sound to picture
Compressor 3 - industrial strength encoding tool
    Adds powerful batch encoding for multiple formats
DVD Studio Pro 4.2 - for SD and HD DVD authoring - same
Color - New professional color grading and finishing application
    Final rendering with 32-bit float 4:4:4 image processing

Apple Final Cut Pro 5 - May 2005

    Apple Final Cut Pro 5 - released May 2005
   Separate $999
   Bundled with Final Cut Studio - $1,299. upgrade from FCP $699
     Final Cut Pro 5, Soundtrack Pro, Motion 2, DVD Studio Pro 4

Real-time editing for DV, SD, HD, and Film
- All major HD formats - HDV, DVCPRO HD, uncompressed HD. Native HDV (long GOP MPEG-2) 
- Multicam up to 128 sources, simultaneous real-time playback up to 16 angles 
- IMX codec - native editing of broadcast content from Sony XDCAM 
- Direct support Panasonic P2 solid state media for DVCPRO, DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD 
- Dynamic RT - automatically adjust image quality and frame rate 
- RT Extreme - real-time uncompressed HD effects
- Capture up to 24 simultaneous audio channels at 24-bit 96kHz, audio control surfaces

Apple Final Cut Pro HD - April 2004

Apple Final Cut Pro HD released April 2004
    Full version $999, Upgrade $399

- Frame-accurate, native DVCPRO HD editing
- Precision, non-modal editing and trimming tools; interface customization
- Advanced real-time color correction and image control
- Enhanced audio editing with multi-track mixing and multi-channel output
- Using RT Extreme, more than 150 render-free filters, effects and transitions
- Includes LiveType 1.2 for resolution independent animated titling
- Soundtrack 1.2 for loop-based music creation
- Compressor 1.2 for HD encoding
- Cinema Tools for filmmakers working with 35mm or 16mm film


Apple Final Cut Pro 4 - June 2003

Apple Final Cut Pro 4 released June 2003
    Full version $999, Upgrade $399

- Major upgrade, more than 300 new features 
- RT Extreme for real-time compositing and effects, interface customization
- High-quality 8- and 10-bit uncompressed formats, full 32-bit floating point per channel processing 
- LiveType for advanced titling
- Soundtrack for music creation (also available separately)
- Compressor for full featured batch transcoding
- Cinema Tools now included

  Final Cut Pro 4


Apple Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 - May 2002

Apple Final Cut Pro 3.0.2 update, May 2002

- Chapter and compression marker export support for DVD Studio Pro 1.5
- Performance and reliability fixes and enhancements
- Updated real-time enablers for the dual 1 gigahertz computers

Apple Final Cut Pro 3 released Dec. 2001
    3.0.2 update released May 2002; $999

Professional nonlinear editor with real-time preview
- G4 Real-time effects , Offline RT, Color Correction, Mac OS X

Adobe Systems - Premiere Pro CS5.5

Bring high-performance editing to next-generation storytelling

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, released May 2011, $799   
    includes Encore, OnLocation
    Intel Mac 64-bit and Windows 7 / Vista 64-bit only

CS5 Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Audition, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator,
        Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder
    plus Bridge, Device Central, Media Encoder

See Summary of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5
Find related Adobe articles in the Manifest Tech Blog

Find Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5,
Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium, and
Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection on

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - May 2010

Bring high-performance editing to next-generation storytelling

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, released May 2010, $799   
    includes Encore, OnLocation
    Intel Mac 64-bit and Windows 7 / Vista 64-bit only

CS5 Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator,
        Flash Pro, Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder
    plus Bridge, Device Central, Dynamic Link

See Summary of Adobe Creative Suite 5

Find Adobe Premiere Pro CS5,
Adobe CS5 Production Premium, and
Adobe CS5 Master Collection on

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 - Video editing - Capture and edit digital video editing
    • Optimized 64-bit only
    • NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine
      • Real-time HD editing, playback without rendering
    • Expanded native support for tapeless media, DSLR cameras
    • New support for XDCAM HD 50, AVCCAM, DPX, AVC-Intra, enhanced RED support
  • Adobe Encore CS5 - DVD authoring - Produce video for DVD, Blu-ray, and web
  • Adobe OnLocation CS5 - Shoot video with direct-to-disc recording and monitoring
    • New logging options for tapeless cameras
  • Adobe Soundbooth CS5 - Audio editing - Create, edit, and enhance digital audio
  • Adobe After Effects CS5 - Effects - Create motion graphics and visual effects for video
    • Premiere Pro and After Effects - native 64-bit on both Mac and Windows
    • Roto Brush - isolate moving foreground elements like the Photoshop Quick Select

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 - Oct. 2008

Capture, edit, and deliver video online, on air, on disc, or on device

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, released Oct. 2008, $799   
    includes Encore, OnLocation
    Intel Mac and Windows XP / Vista

Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Flash
    plus Bridge, Device Central, Dynamic Link

See Summary of Adobe Creative Suite 4

  Find Adobe CS4 Production Premium and
      CS4 Master Collection on

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.2 update, released Nov. 2009
    - Native support for Panasonic’s AVC-Intra format
        Import, and edit AVC-Intra clips no transcoding or rewrapping, 50 and 100 Mb
        Augments support of tapeless cameras: RED, Sony XDCAM EX and HD, Panasonic P2, AVCHD
    - Transfer Final Cut Pro 7 projects directly to Premiere Pro CS4 with FCP XML interchange
        Without conversions or re-rendering, preserving common effects and transitions
    - See

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.1 upgrade, released June 2009
    - File-based workflow for RED R3D files, without transcoding or rewrapping
    - Avid project import without recapturing media files
    - Uncompressed SD and HD acquisition and accelerated HD 
        on hardware including AJA Video, Blackmagic Design, Matrox
    - Full support for 64-bit systems with faster performance and responsiveness
    - See

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, released Oct. 2008, $799   
    includes Encore, OnLocation
    Intel Mac and Windows XP / Vista

Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Flash
    plus Bridge, Device Central, Dynamic Link

New features:
- Next-generation tapeless camera support
- Batch encoding
- Improved Adobe integration, Metadata project intelligence
- Enhanced editing efficiency
- Searchable dialog with Speech Search technology
- OnLocation CS4 redesigned, cross-platform, direct-to-disk recording
- Encore CS4 for industry-leading Blu-ray Disc output 
    Web versions of DVD and Blu-ray Disc projects
- Creative Pro Online Services 

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 - July 2007

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, released July 2007, $799   
    includes Encore, OnLocation, Ultra
    Intel Mac and Windows XP / Vista

Production Premium suite $1699
    with After Effects, Soundbooth, Photoshop Extended, Illustrator, Flash
    plus Bridge, Acrobat , Stock Photos, Device Central, Dynamic Link

See Summary of Adobe CS3 Production Tools

Capture, edit, and deliver video to disc, the web, and mobile devices
Edit every major standard-definition and high-definition video format
    DV, Digital Betacam, HDV, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM, 2K scans, etc.
Precise keyframe controls
Multi-cam editing of up to four synchronized source tracks
Support for 10-bit and 16-bit color spaces
Time Remapping for variable-rate time stretches directly in timeline
Multiple Project panels and bins with smart file filtering
Play audio immediately in nested sequences without rendering
Replace clip in timeline while preserving original's attributes and effects
Improve audio with new Spectral Design audio filters
Output for mobile devices, export 3GPP and H.264 video
Use Adobe Device Central CS3 to simulate playback on specific devices
Direct Flash video export (FLV) with markers converted to cue points
Bundled Encore CS3 to export to Blu-ray Disc, DVD, even Flash
Bundled OnLocation CS3 for on-set monitoring and direct to disc recording
Bundled Ultra CS3
Available for Intel Mac and Windows XP / Vista

Adobe Premiere Pro 2 - March 2006

    Premiere Pro 2.0, Real-time editing for HD, SD, and DV

Premiere Pro 2.0, released March 2006, $849, upgrade $199
   Production Studio Standard $1,199:
        Premiere Pro 2 $849, After Effects 7.0 Std $699, Photoshop CS2, Adobe Bridge 
    Production Studio Premium $1,699: 
        plus After Effects 7.0 Pro $999, Audition 2.0 $349, Encore DVD 2.0 $349, Illustrator CS2

See article on Using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

- Scalable format support, SD to HD, up to 2k and 4k resolutions (4096 x 4096)
    including DV, SD, HDV, HDCAM, D5HD, Windows Media
- Native HD-SDI support for AJA Video Xena HS real-time encoding card
- Native HDV capture and editing
- Export full-resolution uncompressed HD; image sequence files for film
- Real-time letterboxing for 16x9 preview to 4x3
- 3:2 pulldown: Edit 24p content in 29.97 interlaced sequences
- Deep 32-bit internal color processing; input 10-bit video and 16-bit PSD files
- GPU accelerated rendering using graphics card
- Multi-cam editing: Switch between multiple tracks in real time, refine and edit on timeline
- DVD output from timeline, with motion menus and styles
- Adobe Clip Notes for review and approval using PDF
- Macromedia Flash Video (FLV) export

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 - May 2004

Premiere Pro 1.5, released May 2004, $699, upgrade $99

- Project Manager- remove unused material, consolidate project's media.
- Panasonic 24P/24PA cameras support - For film look
- Bzier keyframe controls - spline-based effect controls; Effects favorites
- Support for importing, editing, and delivering HD content
- One-click auto-color adjustment - Photoshop style filters
- After Effects copy and paste, Import After Effects plug-ins
- Import and export project data as Edit Decision List (EDL) and Advanced Authoring Format (AAF)

Adobe Premiere Pro - Aug. 2003

Premiere Pro for Windows XP, released August 2003, $699

- Render-free editing, Optimized for multiple processors and hyper-threading
- Multiple nested timelines
- Customize keyboard shortcuts and workspaces 
- 3-point video color correction, YUV processing
- 5.1 surround sound audio mixing and AC3 export
- Keyframeable effect parameters, smooth motion paths
- Standard definition (SD) to high-definition (HD)

Adobe Premiere 6.5 - Aug. 2002

Premiere 6.5, released August 2002, $549

- Real-time Preview
- Adobe Title Designer
- MPEG-2 export for DVD authoring

Avid Technology - Xpress DV, Xpress Pro

Avid Xpress DV - $495
Avid Xpress Pro - $1,695 - real-time DV, SD, HD, film editing
Avid Xpress Pro HD Power Pack - $2,495 
    animation, effects, and DVDs
bundles w/Avid Mojo hardware

Avid Free DV

Free, Basic video and audio editing capabilities
Macintosh OS X and Windows XP

Avid Xpress Pro

Avid Xpress Pro HD, released Dec. 2004, $1695

- Native Panasonic DVCPRO HD acquisition and editing 
- Avid DNxHD editing and rendering, and real-time multicamera functionality

Avid Xpress Pro, released Sept. 2003, $1695

Avid Xpress DV

Avid Xpress DV 3.5, released June 2002, $995

- Software for both Mac OS X and Windows XP Professional in the same box

- Software real-time architecture delivers more than 100 customizable real-time effects, professional-level color correction with waveform and vectorscope analysis, and multiple simultaneous real-time streams.

Avid Free DV

- Streamlined version of Avid's video editing software. Up to two video tracks, two audio tracks, basic trimming and editing functionality, and up to two streams of real-time effects.

Avid - Liquid 7

Integrated editing, audio, effects, and authoring software

Avid Liquid 7, $499, Pro $999, 
    (was Pinnacle)

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6, $499

Pinnacle Edition 5 released June 2003
    Edition - $699 - w/ Firewire card
    Edition PRO - $999 - w/ AGP card
        2D/3D display adaptor and digital & analog I/O

- Integrated DVD authoring right from the editing timeline
- New scalable architecture, streamlined editing workflow
- New real-time AGP-based 2D and 3D video effects
- Background processing that essentially eliminates rendering
- InstantSave continually saved


Pinnacle Edition - July 2002

Pinnacle Edition released July 2002, $699
- Background rendering and autosave
- Burn direct to DVD from the timeline or export to the bundled Pinnacle Impression DVD Pro

Sony Creative Software - Vegas Pro 11

Sony Vegas Pro 11, released October 2011, $699

    Professional HD video, audio, and Blu-ray Disc creation

PR 10/11 -

    Find Sony Vegas Pro 11 on

  • Vegas Pro 11 (32-bit and 64-bit), DVD Architect Pro 5.2, Dolby Digital Professional Encoder
  • GPU acceleration via OpenCL (AMD and NVIDIA)
                    Playback and rendering, video processing, effects, transitions
  • Advanced Video Stabilization - with motion analysis on all three camera axes
  • New Video Effects Plug-In SDK based on the Open Effects Association (OEA) platform
                    Updated and enhanced technology for third-party plug-in providers
  • Sync Link - Edit secondary tracks, keep aligned with main story line
  • Per-parameter keyframing for many FX and transitions
  • "Render As" dialog with Template Filtering - searching and filtering
  • Improved NVIDIA 3D Vision Support - Edit in 3D on single display
  • 2D and 3D Text Tools - new Titles and Text
                    3D Titler Pro from NewBlue; ProType Titler improvements

Sony Vegas Pro 10, released October 2010, $699

    Professional HD video, audio, and Blu-ray Disc Creation

PR 9/10 -

    Find Sony Vegas Pro 10 on


Nonlinear HD video and audio editing (NLE) application

  • Professional 32- and 64-bit workflow - fully customizable workspace, nest projects within timeline, customize and save keyboard commands, application scripting
  • Precise editing tools - SD or HD, mouse and keyboard, ProType titling, multicamera editing, 32-bit floating-point video processing, A/V synchronization detection and repair, automatic frame quantization
  • Broad format support - Pro camcorder formats including XDCAM, NXCAM, AVCHD, RED; still images greater than one gigapixel resolution
  • Unparalleled audio support - unlimited tracks, 24-bit/192 kHz audio, punch-in recording, 5.1 surround mixing, effects automation, time compress/expand
  • Broad audio and video support for media ingest, editing and delivery workflows for a wide variety of production professionals
  • Produce and deliver compelling content for broadcast and broadband distribution, theatrical releases, YouTube 3D, DVD and 3D Blu-ray titles
  • Native Windows 32- and 64-bit versions
  • Includes DVD Architect Pro software - Author DVDs or Blu-ray Disc with multiple video angles, subtitles, multiple languages, special features
  • New features include powerful stereoscopic 3D editing tools, enhanced closed captioning features, broadened video effect support and new event level audio effects, as well as workflow and user interface enhancements
  • 10/10 - download $599, packaged $699 - $679, street $530, upgrades $249

Stereoscopic 3D Editing

  • Import, adjust, edit, preview and export stereoscopic 3D projects
  • Native, without any additional tools or plug-ins
  • Working in 3D is as seamless as working in 2D
  • Compatible with latest 3D screen technology, plus anaglyphic viewing to preview 3D on any monitor
  • 3D adjustments - horizontal and vertical offsets, zoom discrepancies, keystone, rotation
  • 3D motion effects - precise control over Z-depth, plane intersection, compositing
  • Place 2D elements in 3D depth
  • Auto correct
  • Integrated CineForm Neo3D support

New Tools and Enhancements

  • Improved closed captioning preview, formats, export
  • New image stabilization tools greatly reduce jittery or shaky video
  • Expanded Multicam to simultaneous view multicam source and edited program
  • GPU-accelerated Sony AVC encoding for nVidia CUDA video cards
  • Performance improvements for DSLR video
  • Advanced Transport Controls
  • Track Grouping for complex projects
  • Video Plug-in architecture SDK for video effects developers
  • Audio Event FX - Assign audio effects at event levels
  • Input Busses now record, mix and monitor audio from external hardware devices
  • New VU meters in Mixing Console view
  • Track Meters for record, edit and mix process
  • Expanded device support including HD-SDI adapters, Sony NXCAM cameras, and broader support for DVD and Blu-ray Disc drives

Sony Vegas Pro 9, released May 2009, $699

    Professional Video, Audio, and Blu-ray Disc Creation

PR 4/09 -

    Find Sony Vegas Pro 9 on

Sony Vegas Pro 9.0c upgrade, released Nov. 2009, free download

  • New features for professional video editing workflows
  • XDCAM EX MP4 File Rendering - Roundtrip editing and transfer back to camera, deliver on SxS (solid state) media
  • Cross-format MPEG-2 Smart Render - Faster encoding, with less generation loss for cuts-only projects or projects with minimal changes
  • Import Stereo split as Dual Mono - i.e., As separate channels with interviewer's and subject's voice
  • Additional Card Support with MPEG Video Quality Adjustment - Blackmagic Design Decklink HD Extreme, AJA IO Express and AJA Xena LHi, for high-end capture and output via SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI
  • Device Explorer for RED ONE - Efficiently browse, display, and quickly import selected RED ONE (.r3d) files
  • élastique Pro Time Stretching - Dramatic audio timestretching and pitch shifting with user controls
  • PR 11/09 - Released -

Sony Vegas Pro 9, released May 2009, $699

- Native XDCAM and AVCHD import and edit, Browse with Device Explorer
- Direct capture-compress XDCAM-compatible MXF files from SD/HDSDI sources
    Digital Betacam, HDCAM, DVCPRO 100
- 4K Workflow up to 4096x4096 (4K)
- Six new effects plug-ins, Gradient Wipe new organic and artistic transitions
- Workflow enhancements: Customizable layouts, importing and archiving media, keyboard/mouse modifiers
- RED ONE native support: Open and edit (.r3d), 4K HD workflows from RED HD video cameras
- Image file native import and export for DPX and OpenEXR, more latitude for effects and color correction
- Gigapixel images supported on timeline, create pan/scan and crop video in HD
- Audio-only edits (event moves, trims, ASR envelopes) no longer quantized to frame boundary by default
    Improved audio-waveform drawing during recording
    New Trimmer window "Use all Streams and Channels" option

Sony Vegas Pro 8 - Sept. 2007

Professional Video, Audio, and DVD Creation

Sony Vegas Pro 8, released Sept. 2007, $699 ($499)

    Find Sony Vegas Pro 8 on

Precise control over complex projects
    Combines Vegas Pro 8, DVD Architect Pro 4.5, Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding
    Adds ProType titling, multicamera editing, AVCHD workflow, Blu-ray Disc burning
    32-Bit floating point video processing
    ProType titler, Multicamera workflow
    Digital signage and portrait style video editing
    Thought Equity Motion Footage Search - stock footage plug-in
    Single-monitor full screen video preview, Interactive tutorials
    Extensive Scripting Extensions programming API
    Audio: Mixing console, Audio routing enhancements
    Tempo-based audio effects, Support for FLAC files
    No recompression when rendering long-GOP video formats
    Sony AVCHD Read and write, Burn timeline to Blu-ray discs
    XDCAM FAM mode trimmed conform
    Includes DVD Architect 4.5, updated with total of 44 professional design themes
    Fully Microsoft Vista compatible

Sony Vegas 7 + DVD Production Suite - Sept. 2006

    Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite, released Sept. 2006, $699
        Professional End-to-End Media Creation
    Suite with Vegas 7, DVD Architect 4, Dolby Digital AC-3

    Update support Sony AVCHD High-Def camcorders, April 2007

Vegas 7
- Dolby Digital AC-3 multi-channel encoder for 5.1 surround output
- HDV and XDCAM Support
- edit proxy and full resolution HD and SD XDCAM MXF files natively
- support AJA SDI cards
- H.264 AVC/AAC import and export. templates for Sony PSP, Apple iPod, and HD
- 5.1-channel audio extraction from DVD-based camcorders and home movies on DVD
- ATRAC support
DVD Architect 4
- Scripting support: create simple games, custom kiosks automation, and locking passcodes
- Random playlist playback
- Keyframeable transformations
- Buttons on Video

Sony Vegas 6 + DVD Production Suite - April 2005

Sony Vegas 6, Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite, released April 2005
    Vegas 6 $599, - Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite, $899
    Suite with Vegas 6, DVD Architect 3, and Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding
        Boris Grafitti Ltd; Boris FX Ltd., Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD50

Vegas 6
- HDV support for Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 and HVR-M1OU HDV VTR deck
- SD/HD SDI capture, editing and export using Blackmagic Design DeckLink boards
- Superior frame rate conversions (ie. 1080i to 720-24p and 1080-24p WMV HD)
- Project nesting, AAF import/export, System-wide media asset management
- VST audio effect support, Broadcast WAV (BWF) import and arrange
- Playhead timeline scrubbing, Editing enhancements
DVD Architect 3
- Dual-layer authoring and burning
- Mastering to DLT, DDP, CMF, CSS and Macrovision encryption tools
- Adobe Photoshop software (PSD) layer support
- Multi-angle selection, Project playlists, Theme export, Jacket Picture creation

Sony Vegas 5 + DVD Production Suite - April 2004

Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite, released April 2004
    Vegas+DVD $799, Vegas 5 $559

    Vegas 5, DVD Architect 2, Dolby Digital AC-3 Encoder

Sony Vegas 5
- Advanced, real-time scalable production for SD, HD, HDV across unlimited tracks
- 3D track motion and compositing, keyframable Bezier masks, network rendering,
- Flash import, Subtitle/text export to DVD Architect,
- Film-style 5.1 surround panning, downmix monitoring
DVD Architect 2
- Programmable end actions, subtitles, multiple audio tracks
- Real-time external monitor playback via 1394,
- Flash import, 24P DVD encoding, elementary stream import
Include Boris Graffiti 3.0 LTD titling, Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Movie Looks simulated film looks

July 2003 Sony Pictures Digital acquires Sonic Foundry's desktop software products

Sonic Foundry Vegas 4 + DVD - Feb. 2003

Vegas Video 4 / Vegas+DVD released Feb. 2003
Vegas 4.0 download $489, boxed $559
Vegas+DVD: download $699, boxed $799

Professional-quality video editor
    (Formerly Sonic Foundry)

- Integrated real-time video and audio non-linear editing 
- Mixing, compositing, color correction, titling, 
- Streaming media creation and surround sound production 

Vegas+DVD includes DVD Architect and
    Dolby multichannel AC-3 encoder

Sonic Foundry Vegas 3 - Nov. 2001

Vegas Video 3.0 released Nov. 2001
    Packaged $479, Download $419

Ulead Systems [Corel] - MediaStudio Pro 8

Professional digital video-editing package with full DV and MPEG-2 support

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 - beta Aug. 2005
    final release Q3 2005 - $399

MediaStudio Pro 7 released March 2003
    Retail $299, download $149
    (was Retail $495, download $475)

Find related Corel/Ulead/InterVideo articles in the Manifest Tech Blog

Ulead MediaStudio Pro 8 - beta Aug. 2005
    final release Q3 2005 - $399

- Professional video editing software
- Single track interface - multiple timelines, virtual clips, transitions on every track
- Smart Proxy - efficient HDV editing - low-res automatically created in background
- Mix and match DV, MPEG, HDV, supports WMV-HD and 24P
- Output to SD, HD, DV, analog or HDV device
- Advanced color correction, new Title tool
- SmartSound Auto Music Maker, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio editing
- Smart Compositor, composited sequences for openings or segues.

MediaStudio Pro 7
- Software-only real-time editing and output through analog and Firewire,
- Full-screen playback on a second CRT monitor, TV or 1394 display
- DV Type-1 and Type-2 in real-time, dual-display modes
- Flash (SWF) and COOL 3D Studio (C3D) import to the timeline
- Pre-scan tape cataloging for thumbnail previews before capture,
- Scene detection by content on all video formats, Summary Timeline view

Previous: MediaStudio Pro 6.5 released August 2001
Director's Cut from $199 and full version from $495


Video Processing Software

Professional tools for video compression and processing, with batch capabilities.

Miraizon Cinematize 2

DVD Movie Clip Extraction

Miraizon Cinematize 2 Pro, released Sept. 2007
    Windows or Macintosh, Cinematize 2 $69 box / $59 download
    Cinematize 2 Pro $149 box / $129 download

    Find Miraizon Cinematize on

Miraizon Cinematize 2 Pro, released Sept. 2007
    Windows or Macintosh, Cinematize 2 $69 box / $59 download
    Cinematize 2 Pro $149 box / $129 download

Cinematize 2 - DVD Movie Clip Extraction Tool
    Select start and end points down to frame level
    Support multiple angles and soundtracks
    All DVD video formats (PAL, NTSC, MPEG-1, MPEG-2)
    All DVD audio formats (PCM, AC-3, MPEG, DTS, SDDS)
    Save multiple chapters as one or multiple clips
    Extract movie, or just audio or video
    PCM and AC-3 audio decoding to WAV, AIFF, or raw formats
    Video decoding to any QuickTime codec
    Can preserve full original quality

Cinematize 2 Pro - The Ultimate DVD Re-Editing Tool
    Menu extraction from Video Manager and Video Title Set
    Extraction from Video Recording files on DVD-VR discs
    Display chapter or title start/stop times, display of total time of selected segments
    Batch extraction of segments from menus and movies
    Save movie as a still image, save multiple menus as one or multiple clips
    Subtitle decoding to images with timing information in a text file
    Subtitle decoding to QuickTime movie tracks, stored as overlays
    Extraction and synchronization of all Dolby AC-3 audio channels
    Creation of QuickTime movies with multi-channel audio
    Support for saving and loading customized sets of preferences
    Custom configuration of QuickTime video compression codecs
    MPEG audio decoding to WAV, AIFF, or raw formats

Sorenson Media - Squeeze 5                                             

Video compression and distribution for multiple formats

Sorenson Squeeze version 5, released March 2008
    Windows and Macintosh

Squeeze 5 $499, Squeeze 5 Pro with plugins $599, 
    Squeeze 5 Pro with WMV for Mac $779, Multi-User (5 seats) $2499
    Squeeze 5 for Flash $119, Pro $299, Multi-User $1299

Sorenson Squeeze version 5, released March 2008 - Windows and Macintosh

Squeeze 5 $499, Squeeze 5 Pro with plugins $599, 
    Squeeze 5 Pro with WMV for Mac $779, Multi-User (5 seats) $2499
    Squeeze 5 for Flash $119, Pro $299, Multi-User $1299

- Video encoding tool
    Re-purpose video content for web, CD or DVD
    Output Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
    Simple 3-step process: Select video, Apply preset, "Squeeze it"
    Variable Bit Rate (VBR) compression: One-pass (faster) and Two-pass (quality)
    HD encoding: AVC/H.264, Flash, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media
    Audio and video filters: Normalize, deinterlace, telecine, noise reduction
    Video trim and cropping
    Includes Sorenson FLV Flash player, Linked or embedded FLV for SWF
    Batch processing, apply settings at job, source, and output levels
        Watch folders with multiple output options
    Save and share settings

- Squeeze video codecs: Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Spark Pro, MPEG-4 Pro, H.264 Pro
    Squeeze 5 Pro adds On2 VP6 Pro Encoder and Bias Soundoap plugins, 
        plus Complete Squeeze 5 Training DVD
    Available bundled with WMV Component for Mac

- Squeeze for Flash video codecs: Sorenson Spark Pro, MPEG-4 Pro, H.264 Pro
    Pro adds On2 VP6 Pro Encoder and BIAS Soundsoap plugins,  command line encoding

- Squeeze 5 Enhancements:
    Increased Speed: Simultaneous multi-file encoding (1.5 files on each core)
    Improved Video Quality: Improved MPEG1-2 and H.264 codecs
        New Microsoft VC-1 codec for Blu-ray encoding
        New video filters include watermark, hue and saturation, sharpen
        Improved filters include inverse telecine, deinterlacing
    Improved Audio Quality: VST audio plugins (Pro ships with Bias SoundSoap)
        New AC-3 compatible surround sound for 5.1 and 7.1 encoding
        New filters include audio duration and audio volume
    Workflow Enhancements: New preset search feature
        Audience Presets: bundle audio, video, pre-processing filters, distribution settings
    PR 3/08 - Sorenson Media Announces the Immediate Availability of Sorenson Squeeze 5


Sorenson Squeeze version 4.5, released Nov. 2006

Squeeze Compression Suite for Windows or Macintosh ($499)
    Squeeze PowerPack ($649 Windows, $799 Mac),
    Squeeze for Flash ($249) - Flash video in Spark and VP6 formats

- Apple H.264 for output to MP4 or QuickTime
- new 3GPP and PSP presets for cell phones and Sony PSP
- new presets for Blu-ray and HD-DVD disc
- boosted compression and preprocessing speeds

- Squeeze PowerPack adds command line interface, On2 VP6 Pro encoder for Adobe Flash 8 video
        Nate Caplin Training DVD; Mac includes Telestream Flip4Mac encoder plug-in for Windows Media 9
- Squeeze for Flash ($249) with just output to Flash video in Spark and VP6 formats


Sorenson Squeeze 4.1 Compression Suite
    Released April 2005 - for Windows or Macintosh
    Compression Suite $449. MPEG-4 $199. Flash MX $99

- Integration with video editing and distribution workflows
- Transport streams for HDV and DVHS
- aacPlus audio

    Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite
    Released Aug. 2004 - for Windows or Macintosh
    Compression Suite $449, Macromedia Flash MX $119, MPEG-4 $199

- High Definition (HD) encoding for MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealMedia
- Windows HD encoding for Windows Media 9
- New Sorenson AVC Pro codec (H.264)
    high-quality video at roughly 70 percent the data rate of MPEG-4
- Redesigned interface - customizable
    New batch processing, video zoom, preview slider, shortcut keys

Sorenson Squeeze 3.1 for Macintosh / Squeeze 3.5 for Windows
    Released May 2003, $499

- Includes Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Sorenson Spark Pro, and Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro video codecs
- Watch Folders, Save and reuse filter settings to batch process
- Windows supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4
- Apple QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, RealNetworks RealMedia 9
- Microsoft Windows Media 7, 8, and 9

- Sorenson Squeeze 3 for Macromedia Flash MX $119
- Sorenson Spark Pro video codec
- Sorenson Squeeze 3 for MPEG-4 $119
- Sorenson MPEG-4 Pro video codec
- Sorenson Video 3.1 Pro Codec for QuickTime, $299

Sorenson Squeeze 3 Compression Suite
    Sorenson Video 3 Pro, Spark Pro, and MPEG-4 Pro
Released Dec. 2002, $449

- Sorenson Video 3.1 Pro Codec for QuickTime, $299
- Sorenson Squeeze 3 for MPEG-4, $199
- Sorenson Squeeze for Macromedia Flash MX, $119

Grass Valley [Canopus] - ProCoder 3

Software-based video format conversion

Grass Valley ProCoder 3 - Released Feb. 2007, $499

    Find Canopus ProCoder on

Grass Valley ProCoder 3 - Released Feb. 2007, $499
    H.264, AVCHD, Dolby Digital, timecode, inverse telecine

    Canopus ProCoder 2.0 - released April 2004

- Watch folders with network support
- Wizard interface, batch manager tool
- MPEG-4 - QuickTime or DivX Pro (full, licensed version included)
- HD and MPEG transport stream encoding
- Fully supports HD resolutions (720p and 1080i)
- HD-compatible formats, MPEG, DivX, WMV HD, QuickTime; JVC HDV

Canopus ProCoder Express - Nov. 2003, $59

- Create video files for DVD, VCD, Web streaming and emailing
- Convert almost any video source to popular formats
- MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Windows Media, QuickTime, RealVideo, DivX
- Wizard, Watch folder

Canopus ProCoder 1.5 - April 2003

- QuickTime importer, native color spaces; QuickTime exporter advanced features
- Windows Media 9 exporter, Macromedia Flash import
- Output previous Windows Media versions

Canopus ProCoder 1.2 - Oct. 2002

- MPEG at HD resolutions, MPEG-2 Main Profile at High Level (MP@HL)
- Enhanced Web streaming: RealVideo 9 and multi-stream support for Windows Media and RealVideo
- MPEG-1 settings outside of Standard Profile, such as 640x480 MPEG-1
- Higher-quality MPEG-2 output, transcode raw DV video files

Autodesk [discreet] - Cleaner  6.5

Autodesk Cleaner 6.5 for the Mac, $599

The industry standard for creating streaming video and audio for multimedia and the web through high quality content mastering for all major digital media formats

cleaner XL Service Pack 2, released Sept. 2004
- More MPEG sizes, additional custom settings
- Macromedia Flash MX Professional 2004

cleaner XL Service Pack (SP) 1, released July 2003
- Refining parameter control, Windows Media 9 presets
- MPEG sizes and rates, high definition MPEG

Discreet cleaner XL for Windows
    released March 2003, $599

Cleaner XL for Windows - March 2003

- 60 Delivery Formats - Windows Media 9, QuickTime 6, MPEG-4
- Watch folders, 180 professional presets and high-quality filters
- Prepare one job while processing others

Cleaner 6 for Max OS X - Oct. 2002

- QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media
- Kinoma, latest downloadable video format for handheld PDAs
- 150 high-quality presets enable editors to encode video with a single step
- More than 50 professional filters and correction tools
- MPEG-4 and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) audio compression through QuickTime 6;
- New 2-pass variable bit rate (VBR) encoding for MPEG-2
- New Watch Folders - encode work directly from editing tool from desktop or across a network;
- Optimization for the G4 Velocity Engine and improved dual processor support
- Drag-and-drop encoding

Previous: Discreet cleaner 5.1 released Nov. 2001, $529


Video Encoder Software

Encoder and decoders for video compression formats. Plug-ins for video editors.

Cinema Craft - Encoder

DivX Networks

Elecard - MPEG-2 Tools

Heuris - MPEG Power Professional

MainConcept - Codecs

TMPGEnc - MPEG Encoder