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  Douglas Dixon - Vita

Douglas Dixon
    Multimedia Technology and Communications 

Manifest Technology, LLC


Technology Analysis and Communication

Technology analyst, author and editor, seminar presenter / trainer
Expert witness consulting

- Technical analysis and review: Evaluate technology, products, trends, business
- Expert witness: Digital media and DVD, technology and products, business and market
- Books, articles, seminars, white papers, product marketing documents.
- Focus in multimedia: video editing, DVD, streaming media, mobile devices.

  • Technical Consulting
            Technical, market, and business analysis
            System and network testing and analysis
            Expert witness services
  • Corporate Technical Communications
            Technical product and marketing publications
  • Technical Books and Articles
            Published four books, plus three international editions
            Published over 250 feature articles since 1999
  • Technical Seminars and Talks
            Presented over a hundred seminars and talks since 2001
            Organized conference sessions and programs

Technology Development and Productization

Product manager, Project leader

- Technology product development, across the end-to-end process of assembling technology components and packaging into usable products to bring to market.
- Conceptualization, business analysis, partner relationships, technical prototyping, development and integration, user interface refinement, business development, productization, testing, marketing, sales, support.
- Focus in multimedia software development.

Professional Activities and Recognition

  • Professional Activities and Awards
            Local professional activities, professional memberships
            Professional awards: IEEE Senior Member, Sigma Xi
  • Education
            Brown University: M.S. and B.S., Computer Science

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Technical Consulting

  • Technical analysis and review: Evaluate technology, products, trends, business
  • System and network test design, execution, and analysis
  • Expert witness consulting: Digital media and DVD, technology and products, business and market

Sample projects

  - Review business plan / product marketing
  - Develop new product / business concepts
  - Analysis of technical products and markets
  - Referrals to potential partners
  - Technical analysis of prior art

Sample cases

- RealNetworks, Inc. v. MPAA [Studio Defendants and DVD CCA]

Expert reports, deposition, and testimony on DVD technology, especially copy protection, working with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, San Francisco, for RealNetworks.

 - Apple Computer, Inc. v., Inc. (settled 11/07)

Services to Weil, Gotshal & Manges, who successfully settled a major patent infringement lawsuit for Apple Inc., against Weil Gotshal obtained summary judgments invalidating certain of Burst's patent claims that purported to cover "faster-than-real-time" transmission.

- SCM Microsystems, Inc. v. YOUCre8, Inc. (settled 12/05)

Services for SCM, who settled pending litigation with YOUCre8. a/k/a DVDCre8, a software company whose software was at one time distributed by Dazzle Multimedia, now SCM. The settlement resolved all claims by DVDCre8 against SCM, Dazzle and Pinnacle Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Avid.

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Corporate Technical Communications

  • Technical product and marketing communications
  • Customers include Adobe, Intel, Siemens, Sonic Solutions, Sony


Selected corporate projects 

  - Technical marketing publications
  - Technical case studies
  - Product Reviewers Guides
  - Technical training

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Technical Books and Articles

  • Published four books, plus three international editions
  • Published over 300 feature articles since 1999
  • See What's New for full list of articles posted on website, 
  • See Links to External Articles for published articles hosted on other sites



Published four books
  - Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio (O'Reilly, Sept. 2004)
  - How to Use Adobe Premiere 6.5 (Que, Dec.2002)
  - Desktop DVD Authoring (New Riders, Oct. 2002)
  - How to Use Adobe Premiere 6 (Sams, July 2001)
  - Plus three international editions.

Reviewer and technical editor
  - Technical Editor, Que/Sams Publishing, Focal Press

Feature Articles


Published over 300 feature articles since 1999

  - Contributor, Videomaker magazine since 2009
  - Contributor,  Condé Nast Traveler magazine since 2008
  - Contributing Editor, Internet Video Magazine since 2002
  - Contributor, U.S. 1 Newspaper since 1999
  - Editor-in-Chief, Mediaware magazine 2006 - 08
        Editor at Large, Contributor since 2003 - 05
  - East Coast Technical Editor, Camcorder & Computer Video
        2005 - 08, Contributor 1999 - 2005
  - Contributor, Digital2Disc / One to One magazine, 2010 - 12
  - Contributor, Digital Photographer magazine, 2001 - 09
  - Contributor, DV Magazine, 2004 - 05
  - Contributor, CNET Reviews / Computer Shopper, 2003 - 05
  - Also Computer Video (U.K.), PC Magazine
        NJ Tech Magazine

Writing Online

Posted freely available online
    Articles, seminar materials, information and references
  - Manifest Technology website since 2000
  - Manifest Technology Blog since 1/2007
  - Internet Video Magazine.- Contributing Editor since 2002

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Technical Seminars and Talks

  • Presented over a hundred seminars and talks since 2001
  • Organized conference sessions and programs
  • See chronological Presentations Schedule for list of upcoming and recent events
  • See full list of Technical Seminar Topics for presentation abstracts and downloads



Presented technical talks and seminars, and
organized conference sessions and programs, on topics including:

  • Digital Video
  • DVD Authoring
  • Streaming Media
  • Computer Graphics

- Presented training seminars at  national conferences (2001 - 2005) including:

  • Consumer Electronics Show (CES) / Digital Media Training Conf.
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) / Post|Production World Conf.
  • NAB Post+ Production Conference NY
  • Government Video Expo / DigitalMediaDC Conf.
  • DV Expo East
  • ShowBiz Expo NY
  • DVD International Conference
  • PC Expo / TECHXNY

- Presented corporate training seminars including:

  • Sony Training Institute

- Presented to educational organizations including:

  • Princeton University Lunch 'n Learn Information Technology Seminars
  • Princeton Public Library
  • The College of New Jersey
  • Mercer County Community College.
  • American Association of Community Colleges
  • Consortium of Distance Education (CODE)
  • New Jersey Library Association

- Presented to local and regional professional groups including:

  • ACM and IEEE Computer Society: Princeton chapters
  • DVD Association: New York chapter
  • Media Communications Association:
        New York, Princeton, and Philadelphia chapters
  • Entertainment Technology Conference - EnTech
  • Trenton Computer Festival
  • Philadelphia Area Computer Society
  • Princeton Macintosh Users Group
  • Princeton PC Users Group

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Employment / Technical Projects

  • Major projects: Advanced technology protototyping and productization

Sarnoff Corporation


Sarnoff Corp. (formerly RCA Labs), Princeton NJ  (1993 - 2003)

      Technology Leader; Product manager, Project leader, Software developer
      Received one individual and three team Sarnoff Achievement awards
      Project paper published in IEEE WACV
      Three U.S. patents issued



- JNDmetrix Visual Quality Analysis Software  (2001 - 03)
       Product Manager, Project Leader
       Productized Sarnoff image quality analysis technology

- LifeClips Automated Tape to DVD Conversion  (1999 - 2000)
       Prototype Team Lead
       Developed prototype automated tape to DVD conversion system
       Company raised next round of funding, transferred to factory

- VideoBrush PC Panorama Products  (1995 - 99)
       Product Manager, Project Leader for Sarnoff's first retail software products
       Shipped retail PC software products and OEM SDK's
       Received R&D 100 Award 1998
       Bundled by Sony, Toshiba, Winnov, and Rockwell/Conexant
       Acquired by PictureWorks Corp., and IPIX Corp.

- Sensar IrisIdent Prototypes  (1995 - 96)
       Project Leader for development of product proof-of-concept prototypes
       Achieved continued funding and development, transferred to company
       Funded by OKI and AT&T, acquired by Iridian Corp.

- Virtual Reality Game System  (1993 - 95)
       Software Project Leader for virtual reality entertainment system
       Drove system architecture design and implementation
       Coordinated nation-wide development team
       Hosted successful demonstrations and market tests of game simulations

Intel Corporation


Intel Corporation, Princeton NJ  (1988 - 1992)
    Digital Video Interactive (DVI) Technology

      System Software Manager, System Software Engineer
      Paper published in Communications of the ACM
      Two U.S. patents issued

- DVI Audio Video Kernel (AVK) software product  (1990-92)
       Developed initial proof-of-concept prototype for portable Audio Video Kernel
       Technical Lead for joint Intel / IBM team, developed architecture and design
       Technical Lead for first implementation, Project Lead for follow-up releases
       Awarded "Best of Show" COMDEX / Fall 1991, evolved to Indeo products

RCA Laboratories


:David Sarnoff Research Center (RCA Labs), Princeton NJ  (1978 - 1988)

      Member of Technical Staff
      Received RCA Laboratories Achievement and Software Recognition awards
      Paper published and presented for ACM SIGGRAPH Conference


- DVI Prototyping and Initial Product Development  (1983 - 88)
      Developed initial video / graphics system software, tools, and demonstrations

- Interactive Consumer Electronics Products Prototyping  (1979 - 83)
     Designed and implemented product concept simulations and prototypes 
        for interactive video and computer graphics consumer electronics applications
     Developed program and compiler testing tools

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Technical Awards

  • Received four Sarnoff and two RCA Laboratories awards

Sarnoff Corporation

  • Sarnoff Team Recognition Award, May 2001  (LifeClips DVD video)
        "For development of the LifeClips system for enhancement and conversion
            of home video to DVD and the web."
  • Sarnoff Achievement Award, Sept. 1997  (VideoBrush PC vision applications)
        "For initiating and leading Sarnoff's program to bring computer vision
            to PC-based consumer products, including the creation of VideoBrush."
  • Sarnoff Team Achievement Award, Sept. 1997  (VideoBrush PC vision applications)
        "For the development of a consumer level, PC software based mosaicing product."
  • Sarnoff Team Achievement Award, Sept. 1996  (Sensar IrisIdent)
        "For the development of a world leading biometric identification system
            based on remotely captured images of the iris."

Intel Corporation

  • Intel Asilomar VI, One of 74 invitees to corporate-wide technical conference, June 1992

RCA Laboratories

  • RCA Laboratories Software Recognition Award, Aug. 1986
        Pascal Compiler Test Facility
  • RCA Laboratories Outstanding Achievement Award, May 1985  (DVI prototyping)
        "For contributions to graphics and digital image software
            for research in consumer electronics products."

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Patents Issued

  • Six U.S. patents issued

Sarnoff Corporation

  • Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view
    U.S. Patent No. 6,714,665, Issued March 30, 2004
  • Microscopy system utilizing a plurality of images for enhanced image processing capabilities
    U.S. Patent No. 6,313,452, Issued Nov. 6, 2001
  • Method and apparatus for performing local to global multiframe alignment 
      to construct mosaic images
        U.S. Patent No. 6,078,701, Issued June 20, 2000
  • Method and apparatus for mosaic image construction
    U.S. Patent No. 6,075,905, Issued June 13, 2000

Intel Corporation

  • Method and apparatus for data buffering and queue management
      of digital motion video signals
    U.S. Patent No. 5,450,544, Issued Sept. 12, 1995
  • Processor with hierarchical memory and using meta-instructions
      for software control of loading, unloading, and execution
      of machine instructions stored in the cache
    U.S. Patent No. 5,187,793, Issued Feb. 16, 1993

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Technical Papers and Presentations

  • Papers published in Communications of the ACM, IEEE WACV, Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Technical Presentations at Comdex, Government Video Technology Expo, ACM SIGGRAPH

Sarnoff Corporation (JND, VideoBrush, Sensar)

  • Making Sense of Image Quality: The JND Visual Quality Metric
        Government Video Technology Expo 2001, Nov. 29, 2001
        Washington Convention Center, Washington DC
  • VideoBrush: Experiences with Consumer Video Mosaicing
        with H.S. Sawhney, R. Kumar, G. Gendel, J. Bergen, V. Paragano
        Proc. WACV, Oct. 1998, pp. 56 - 62
        (Fourth IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision)
  • VideoBrush PC Mosaic Applications
        Comdex Spring 98 / Windows World panel session, April 21, 1998,
        "Are Computers that See, Listen and Learn around the Corner?"
  • For Your Eyes Only: Personal Identification Using Iris Patterns
        Princeton Chapters of the ACM/ IEEE Computer Society, May 9, 1996

Intel Corporation (DVI Technology)

  • Life Before the Chips: Simulating DVI Technology
        Communications of the ACM, 32, 7, July 1989
  • Digital Video Interactive: Technology and Applications
        Advances in Computer Graphics
        NY Chapters of the IEEE Computer Society and the NCGA, Feb. 1989
  • DVI Video / Graphics
        with S.J. Golin and I.H. Hashfield, Computer Graphics World, 10, 7, July 1987
  • Warping Video to 3D Graphics
        with M. Keith, Computer Graphics World, 10, 9, Sept. 1987

RCA Laboratories (Consumer Electronics Prototyping)

  • A Core Graphics Environment for Teletext Simulations
        Proc. ACM SIGGRAPH '83, Computer Graphics 17, 3, July 1983
        ACM SIGGRAPH '83 Slide Set, July 1983
  • A Pascal Compiler Testing Facility
        ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 17,1, Jan. 1982

Brown University

  • Structured Programming in Assembly Language
        with A. van Dam et al, ACM SIGSE Bulletin, Dec. 1976

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Professional Activities and Awards

  • Local professional activities, professional memberships
  • Professional awards: IEEE Senior Member, Sigma Xi

Professional Awards

  • IEEE Region 1 Award, June 2001
        "For Leadership of the Princeton Central Jersey Chapter
            of the IEEE Computer Society and the Trenton Computer Festival."
  • ACM Recognition of Service Award, May 2000
        Presented to the Princeton Chapter for twenty years of service
        (Over 200 meetings, 30 seminars)
  • IEEE Senior Member, Elected March 1986.
  • Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society, Elected May 1977.

Professional Memberships

  • IEEE (Senior Member), IEEE Computer Society
  • Sigma Xi
  • DVD Association (DVDA)
  • Media Communications Association - International (MCA-I)

Local Professional Activities

  • Princeton Chapters of the ACM / IEEE Computer Society
        Founder and first Chair, April 1980; 
        Board, 1980 - present; SIGGRAPH Chair
  • IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section
        Chair, 1981 - 1991; Board, 1981 - present
  • Princeton Chapter of the Media Communications Association
        Board, 2000 - present
  • Trenton Computer Festival
        Contributor, speaker; 1983 - 2000
  • NJ Communications, Advertising & Marketing Association  (CAMA)
  • Princeton Macintosh Users Group
  • Princeton PC Users Group

Previous Activities

  • Electro / 87 and Mini / Micro-87: Chair, Mini-Micro Professional Program Committee
  • RCA Laboratories Colloquium Committee: Chair, 1985 - 86; Member, 1984 - 87
  • Occasional Journal Referee: WACV '98, ACM SIGGRAPH '95, IEEE Computer '91,
        Software - Practice & Experience '80's.

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Brown University

Brown University, Providence, RI  (1973 - 1977)

    M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude
        (Both degrees in four years)

    Studies included Computer Graphics with Andries van Dam
        and Analysis of Algorithms with Robert Sedgewick
    Head Teaching Assistant, Teaching Assistant

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