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Videomaker Magazine

Videomaker empowers people to make video
in a way that inspires, encourages and equips for success

Videomaker Magazine - 2019

  • Panasonic LUMIX S Series Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

Videomaker Magazine - 2018

  • Panasonic LUMIX LX100 II Features a Four-Thirds Sensor and Compact Design

Videomaker Magazine - 2017

  • AMD Ryzen Processors Bring More Performance to Video Workstations
  • Sony Reveals New a9 Full Frame 4K Mirrorless Camera
    • Videomaker - Posted 4/20/17
    • /
    • Sony has thrown down the gauntlet in the professional camera market with the introduction of the new Sony Alpha 9 full-frame interchangeable lens camera, and companion Sony G Master FE 100-400mm super telephoto zoom lens. Sony is pushing hard to expand its already-growing #2 position in the U.S. for full-frame detachable lens cameras, and the new Alpha 9 is a big step forward — featuring speed and accuracy with continuous shooting at up to 20 fps and electronic shutter speeds up to 1/32000 sec. with silent, vibration-free shooting — and in a relatively compact body.

Videomaker Magazine - 2016

Videomaker Magazine - 2015

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD Drives Supercharge Laptop Video Editing
  • Cameo by Vimeo is the Real Deal: Video Editing on a Phone
  • Corel VideoStudio X8 Review
    • Videomaker, Aug 2015 - posted 5/26/15
    • VideoStudio is a powerful and effective consumer video editing tool. It provides plenty of headroom to experiment and grow, with support for formats up to 4K and HTML5, customizable effects, and other interesting capabilities from stop motion to motion tracking. The full VideoStudio Ultimate X8 edition adds an impressive collection of additional effects and tools.
  • Pinnacle Studio 18 Review
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 13 Review
    • Videomaker, Feb 2015 - posted 11/7/14
    • CyberLink PowerDirector 13 provides powerful and flexible video editing starting at $70. The Director Suite 3 bundle adds similarly impressive audio and editing tools, plus even color grading, all for $300.

Videomaker Magazine - 2014

Videomaker Magazine - 2013

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Updates for 4K in Premiere Pro
    • Videomaker blog, Sept 2013
    • A new update to the seven Adobe Creative Cloud for Video applications is due to be released in October. It has over 150 new features, and continues Adobe's history of combining impressive new technology with continued refinements to workflow and performance. The biggest technology upgrade is support for UltraHD, which not only moves resolutions to 4K and higher, but also supports 50 / 60 fps rates and extended gamut for larger dynamic range..
  • Nero 12 Editing Software Review
    • Videomaker, May 2013
    • The Nero 12 suite of media applications can be a useful addition to your toolbox, to use as core tools for key tasks and to have on hand when you need a special job done easily and cleanly.
  • Consumer Video Editors
    • Videomaker, Feb 2013
    • Not all video editing software is created equal. We give you the skinny on the best beginner and intermediate video editing solutions.
  • Recommendations for the Best Video Editing Computer
    • Videomaker, Jan 2013
    • Upgrade to the latest technology so you can reach 64-bit, multi-core, GPU-accelerated, warp-drive video processing nirvana.

Videomaker Magazine - 2012

  • Sony Vegas Pro 11 Advanced Editing Software Review Adobe Premiere / Photoshop Elements 10 Editing Software Review
    • Videomaker, Feb 2012
    • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and Photoshop Elements 10 leverage advanced technology and automated analysis to reward motivated users with great creative flexibility.
  • Corel MotionStudio 3D Editing Software
    • Videomaker, Jan 2012
    • Corel MotionStudio 3D brings 3D modeling to video editing to customize objects, attributes, motions, and entire 3D scenes.
  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Editing Software
    • Videomaker, Jan 2012
    • This is a tool for people who just want to get down to editing, with the kind of precise control needed to create productions you envision.

Videomaker Magazine - 2011

  • Recommendations for the Best Video Editing Computer
    • Videomaker, November 2011
    • Does your computer feel sluggish when you're editing? Maybe it's time to upgrade to take advantage of the latest round of technology so you can reach 64-bit, multi-core, GPU-accelerated, warp-drive video processing nirvana.
  • Getting into GPUs / Hardware Acceleration for Video Editing
    • Take a look under the hood of the next generation of processing for video. Hardware acceleration for video editing has changed greatly in the past year. Not only is the new processing faster, some newer software demands you upgrade your system.
  • Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Advanced Editing Software
    • Expanded options for independents, with fully-accelerated editing on laptops, native support for DSLR video cameras, and Audition now on the Mac with deep audio correction and enhancement tools.
  • Avid Studio Introductory Editing Software
    • Videomaker, August 2011
    • A welcome step up for advanced video editing enthusiasts chafing at the limitations of consumer tools.
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus Introductory Editing Software
  • Avid Studio Music Creation Systems with ProTools SE
    • A great way to expand from playing your own music to recording, editing, and mixing your own productions.
  • Roxio Creator 2011 Introductory Editing Software
    • The venerable digital media suite adds 3D to its extensive support for working with video, photos, music and audio, and disc backup and burning.
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 9
    • A tool for "enthusiasts" that adds optimized HD editing, new effects, and more options to share.

Videomaker Magazine - 2010

  • USB 3.0: Same Great Interface, Ten Times Faster
       Videomaker, November 2010
    • USB has had a great run, living up to its promise as the plug-and-play Universal Serial Bus. But now we need ever higher data rates, to meet the demands of devices including high-speed RAID data storage, higher-resolution digital cameras, and high-definition video camcorders. And the new USB 3.0 specification, branded as "SuperSpeed USB," steps up the data rate another factor of ten, from 480Mbps up to 5Gbps.
  • Editing Software Buyer's Guide
       Videomaker, October 2010
    • Video editing software ranges from "consumer" tools in the $50 to $100 to $150 range, to "professional" tools from the likes of Adobe, Apple, Avid and Sony, starting at around $700 to $800. New technology has poured into these products, including higher quality from HD, broader sharing via online and Blu-ray, expanding format support, and faster workflow from graphics acceleration and 64-bit editing.
  • DVD Creation within the Blu-ray Format
        Videomaker, August 2010
    • It's the era of high definition, and you can edit even HD video comfortably on today's computers,
      using consumer applications like Corel VideoStudio Pro X3 to professional tools like Adobe Encore CS5.
  • Editing for the Future: Moving to 64-bit Video Production / Adobe Mercury Playback Engine
        Videomaker, May 2010
    • Move to 64 bits for video editing, to work with more applications, at higher resolutions,
      and with a ton more layers and streams.
  • NAB Wrap Up – Mobile DTV, 3D Cameras, Editing Tool Updates
        Videomaker, May 3, 2010
  • HD Video DSLRs - A Different Kind of Camcorder
        Videomaker, April 2010
    • Technology is converging - consumer digital cameras now shoot HD video and video camcorders shoot multi-megapixel photos. And the trend has continued into professional digital SLR cameras, which have evolved to add the ability to shoot HD video
  • Sony Sound Forge Pro 10 Reviewed / Audio Editing Software / Sound Off
        Videomaker, April 2010
    • Audio editing powerhouse - from raw audio to editing to mastering, including sound design, audio restoration, processing and effects, and even Red Book CD creation

Videomaker Magazine - 2009

  • Sorenson Squeeze 6 Reviewed / Video Encoding and Compression Software / Ready to Deliver
        Videomaker Magazine, March. 2010
        Stand-alone compression tool to automate your work and package projects with advanced options -
            now with integrated delivery online, notifications, and review and approval process
  • Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Reviewed / Down to the Elements
        Videomaker Magazine, Jan. 2010
        Consumer video editing with impressive automated assists plus advanced features

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Digital2Disc Magazine

The technology of content from conception to consumption
Digital magazine -
(from One to One Magazine -
    Digital magazine -

Digital2Disc - 2012

  • Thin and Smart: Summing Up This Year's CES
       Digital2Disc, Jan./Feb. 2012 (Issue 14)
         Digital magazine -
       The big themes of this year's CES can be summed up in two words - "thin" and "smart"

Digital2Disc - 2011

  • The Glory Days Were Back at CES 2011
       Digital2Disc, Jan./Feb. 2011
         Digital magazine -
       Tablets, glasses-less 3D, and the connected home were among the main attractions

One to One - 2010

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Technology For Worshop Magazine

TFWM provides basic to advanced information on
   audio, video, broadcast, computers, drama and lighting
   for use in a worship environment

Technology For Worshop Magazine - 2010

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Digital Photographer

Leading the Way in the Digital Photo Revolution
Zinio -

Digital Photographer - 2009

  • Canon VIXIA HF-S100: Capturing It All with Canon's new HD Camcorder              
       Digital Photographer, Summer 2009            
  • Dual-Use: Digital Cameras and Camcorders Shoot Both Photos and Video          
        Featuring the Nikon D90 D-SLR             
        Digital Photographer, Winter 2009

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Condé Nast Traveler

Truth in Travel

Condé Nast Traveler - 2008

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DV Magazine

Dedicated to the needs of digital video and Web video professionals
involved in the production, postproduction and delivery of digital video

(New shorter links after site refresh, formerly required registration)

DV - 2005

DV - 2004

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CNET Reviews

Fuel for the Tech-Savvy Mind

CNET - 2005

CNET - 2004

CNET - 2003

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O'Reilly / Digital Media

O'Reilly Digital Media - 2005

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Computer Video Magazine

          In-depth technical coverage of all aspects of producing
              and editing video footage using desktop computers 
          Highbury House Communications Plc., London, UK

Computer Video Magazine - 2003

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U.S. 1 Newspaper

          Princeton's Business and Entertainment Journal

(Older link format broken after site refresh, 2008)

U.S. 1 - 2018

U.S. 1 - 2017

Holiday Tech 2017 - Smart Home for the Holidays
    U.S. 1 Newspaper, Nov. 15, 2017

U.S. 1 - 2016

U.S. 1 - 2015


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Princeton Univ. / iTunes Podcasts

Lunch 'n Learn Information Technology Seminars
Blog -

Princeton University Lunch 'n Learn Information Technology Seminars

"The Princeton University Lunch 'n Learn IT Seminars will keep you informed on a broad range of technology topics - from academic uses to consumer electronics and beyond. Talks take place in Frist Campus Center, most Wednesdays at noon. They are open to the public and cookies and beverages are provided. Most LnL talks are available as podcasts on our pages or free at the iTunes store (under Higher Education). Many of our talks are featured in stories on our IT's Academic blog."

(See general links below)

Princeton Podcast Links

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The DV Show Podcast

The DV Show - 2005

The DV Show Podcast for August 22, 2005
    DVD authoring expert Doug Dixon answers listener questions

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