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Smartphone Mobile Apps Gallery [as of 2010]

iPhone and Android and more - Interesting trends in App phones

    by Douglas Dixon

  The 2000s Mobile Digital Revolution:
        Cell Phones to Smartphones, Walkman to Media Players, CD to Flash to Web Services

  Historical perspective on some interesting technology and trends in digital home media.
  They include some sample products illustrating these trends.
  Information and pricing are summarized from public sources as of when they were added,
  and may be incorrect or out of date.


Smartphones have extended from stand-alone devices to part of a larger ecosystem, syncing your information and managing media with desktop and cloud services. And now your mobile devices have become developer platforms, so you can download Apps to customize your experience.

  • Lock-in - Device, plus services, and ecosystem
  • Device is stand-alone multi-function powerhouse, becoming more entangled with integration with other data and services
  • Desktop syncing - with Outlook / Exchange data
  • Syncing online - with Google cloud services
  • Media management - with purchases through iTunes, DRM
  • "Apps" -- Software applications to customize device, many for free - App marketplace

App Market

  • Apple App Store
    • 9/10 - Over 250,000 apps, over 6.5 B downloads -- 65K game & entertainment, 25K iPad apps
    • 6/10 - Over 225,000 apps,over 5 B downloads - 90 countries
    • 1/10 - Over 140,000 apps, over 3 B downloads
    • 11/09 - Over 100,000 apps, over 2 B downloads
    • 9/08 - More than 3,000 apps, over 100 M downloaded apps since launch
    • 7/08 - App Store launched 7/08
  • Google Android Market
    • 10/10 - ~ 140,000 apps, ~500/day, ~17K/mo. new, - 64% free, 36% paid (AndroLib)
    • 7/10 - ~ 83,000 apps, 1 B downloads
    • 4/10 - ~ 50,000 apps (AndroLib)
    • 2/10 - ~ 30,000 apps, 62% free, 38% paid; 20K 12/09, 10K 9/09 (AndroLib)
    • (Source: AndroLib,
    • Android Market opened 10/08, paid 2/09
  • Palm App Catalog for webOS
    • 2/10 - Approx. 1,500 apps, adding 2-300 / month, 1K 1/10
    • 1/10 - Developer program opened

Smartphones and App Stores

  • Major smartphone platforms, with links to products, app stores, and developer information

See article - Gadgets and Trends 2010: Smartphones and Apps for sample phones

Apple iPhone / App Store


iPhone Platform / Product

iPhone Apps

Google Android / Android Market

Android Platform / Products

Android Market / Apps

(Android Market app on Droid)

Google Mobile - Browser and apps

See article - Grabbing Screen Shots from the Verizon Droid -

RIM BlackBerry / App World

[HP] Palm Pre & Pixi (webOS) / App Catalog

Microsoft Windows Phone

Symbian (Nokia)

MeeGo - Intel / Nokia


  • Open source project to support a broad range of hardware architectures
    • Pocketables / mobile, netbooks, tablets, media phones, connected TVs, in-vehicle
    • Communications, application, and internet services in portable form factor
  • Market apps through Nokia Ovi Store (Nokia / Symbian,
       and Intel AppUp Center (Atom, netbooks,
  • Merger of Intel Moblin ( and Nokia Maemo ( open source projects
    • Linux-based software platform, Qt application development environment
    • Moblin core operating system and reference user experiences
  • Release expected second quarter 2010, devices later in year
  • Open source, hosted by Linux Foundation -
  • 6/09 - Intel / Nokia strategic collaboration announced
  • Intel PR 2/10 -

Samsung - bada


  • Complete smartphone platform for high-performance native apps and services
  • For Samsung touch mobile handsets; bada means ‘ocean’ in Korean
  • TouchWiz-Stylish user interface
  • Sensor-based, context-aware applications: Accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, activity sensors
    • Flash control, web control, motion sensing, fine-tuned vibration control, face detection
  • Samsung Apps store accessible from device and online -
  • 2/10 - released Samsung Wave (S8500), first bada mobile handset
  • PR 12/09 - Unveiled -

Web Applications (Web Apps)

  • Application runs in Web browser - Gmail
    • Java applet, JavaScript, HTML 5
    • Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
  • Apple - Web apps - Web + multi-touch -
  • Google Gears - Browser extensions for Web apps (depreciated) - Desktop and mobile -

Google App Inventor

  • Visually design applications, use blocks to specify application logic
  • Location aware apps using GPS-location sensor
  • Communicate using phone - send texts
  • Integrate with web sites and services
  • 7/10 - Invitation only

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Apps - Categories

  • Services - News, Sports, Business, Entertainment, Weather
  • Information - Lifestyle, Health, Travel, Social Networking
  • Resources - Business, Education, Medical, Finance, Reference
  • Tools - Communications, Productivity, Utilities
  • Games
Apple / iTunes / iPhone App Store - Categories
  • Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games,
  • Healthcare & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Photography,
  • Productivity, Reference, Social Networking,
  • Sports, Travel, Utilities, Weather
Android Market - Categories
  • Games, Comics, Communications, Entertainment, Finance,
  • Health, Lifestyle, Multimedia, News & Weather,
  • Productivity, Reference, Shopping, Social,
  • Sports, Themes, Tools, Travel, Demo, Software Libraries
Palm App Catalog - Categories
  • Books, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Food, Games,
  • Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Music, Navigation, News, Photography,
  • Productivity, Reference, Social Networking,
  • Sports, Travel, Weather


Apps - Device + Local + Cloud

Today's smartphones are no longer constrained by the performance and functionality limitations of handheld processors and storage. They combine powerful capabilities beyond what was recently expected in descktop computers:

  • Local computing: Powerful mobile client computers
    • 1 GHz local processing
    • 8 + 16 GB of memory
    • Larger and higher-resolution displays.
  • Location-based positioning and orientation: Integrated sensors
    • Location-based positioning with cellular triangulation and GPS spatial positioning
    • Orientation with magnetometer / compass and tilt angle.
  • Multimedia playback and input: Integrated input sensors and local processing
    • Audio / music, also for voice input, music analysis
    • Video, also for motion detection, face recognition
    • Multi-touch, gesture, and motion input; LED lights
  • Strongly connected: Wireless broadband service
    • Draw on the vast data and processing capabilities of server-based computing in the Internet cloud

This combination of a powerful mobile client system, location-awareness, multimedia input/output, and cloud services breaks existing assumptions on how best to implement applications and services, and opens fascinating new possibilities for new approaches.

For example, the Google Android platform is focused on smartphones as cloud devices, integrating with online services like Gmail and Google Contacts and Calendar. But smartphone apps also can integrate with the cloud at a deeper level, with Google back-end services like maps and local services as well as voice input (speech recognition), voice output (text to speech), and translation. As a result, developers can build on these services to integrate these kinds of rather sophisticated features into their own applications. And the integration can be deeper -- in the latest Android for the new Google Nexus One phone, all text input fields now accept voice input.

Google Earth

For example, the Google Earth application for PC, Mac, or Linux also is available in a mobile version for the iPhone, to fly anywhere on Earth, zooming from outer space to street level. This obviously draws on massive cloud star, terrain, and ocean databases, but also requires that the platform be capable of real-time generation of 3D rotation, zoom animation, and 3D perspective views.


Google Earth

  • Search, fly anywhere on Earth
  • From outer space to canyons of ocean
  • Global satellite and aerial imagery; Roads layer
  • Perspective 3D view to horizon
       (drag 2 fingers down, Autotilt)
  • Wikipedia info layers, Panoramio photos
  • Off-line mode from local cache
  • 9/10 - Earth 3.1 for iOS - 8/10 - Earth 1.1 for Android - Ocean ocean bathymetry & layer, Flash in balloons
  • Free - iPhone;
    Android Nexus One 2/10, Droid, Incredible
  • iTunes Preview -
  • User Guide for iPhone -

3D Games

These platforms also support immersive 3D games, including action/adventure, sports, and driving.

Asphalt 5: Elite Racing (Gameloft)


Apps - Content

The smartphone as a media player and display device.

E-book Readers

Smartphones do have significantly smaller screens than books or dedicated e-Book readers. But clear apps can customize the display of text and artwork for a comfortable reading experience.

Amazon Kindle - Mobile

  • Search and browse more than 700,000 books
  • New York Times Best Sellers and new releases from $9.99
  • Free book samples - Read first chapter before you decide to buy
  • Purchased books can also be read on a Kindle
  • Search inside the book
  • Look up words on Wikipedia and
  • Kindle newspapers, magazines and blogs not currently available on iOS / Android
  • PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android Phone
  • Kindle for Android
    • Add, edit or delete notes and highlights
  • Kindle for iPhone or iPod touch
    • Book Extras including character lists, plot summaries, series information (
    • Dictionary included - Instant word lookup, 250,000 entries

Barnes & Noble - Nook for iPhone eReader

  • eBook app - Download samples of every eBook
    • Free Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary
  • Bookstore app - Discover, Search, Stores
  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Lexcycle Stanza

  • Built-in downloading over 100,000 books and periodicals
    • Free and paid, including Project Gutenberg and O'Reilly
  • Tap to turn pages
  • Customize layout - colors, fonts, line spacing to hyphenation
    • Print-quality resolution, soft backlighting for nighttime reading
  • Free - iPhone and iPod touch
  • 4/09 - Acquired by Amazon
  • iTunes -


Apps - Utilities

Even simple functions like an alarm clock can be more interesting and useful with a powerful mobile platform.


We know that the cell phone is a multi-function device, but one of the more prosaic uses is to light up the screen and use it as a flashlight. Cell phones have replaced cigarette lighters to sway along with music in arenas, and kids can use them while running around at dusk playing capture the flag.

FlashLight (Flash-the-Brain)

DroidLight LED Flashlight (Motorola)

Alarm Clock

Lightning Bug expands your from from an alarm clock to visual sound machine, with your choice of scenes with calming rain and flashes of lightning, plus other environmental sounds (birds, bells, cars).

Lightning Bug (1908 Media)

  • Visual sound machine and an alarm clock
  • Sound machine displays scenes with calming rain, flashes of lightning
  • Choose scenes - Beach, monastery, city skyline, white noise
  • Plus scene-specific optional sounds - birds, bells, cars
  • Clock, alarm, sleep timer integrated with Android system clock
  • 7/10 - v 2.0 - Plugins for scenes & sounds, customize, SD card
  • Free - Android


Apps - Voice / Gesture Input

  • Alternate input, easier than typing

Search / Command by Voice

Voice Actions for Android

  • 8/10 - Spoken commands - microphone button on Google search box
  • call [contact] * send text * send email to * go to [website] * listen to * note * navigate to * directions to * map of

Google Search by Voice

Google Mobile App


  • Quick Search Box (widget), Search box in Browser
  • Nexus One: Most text fields


Gesture Search


Google Gesture Search

  • Draw alphabet gestures on touch screen (English letters)
  • Find matching entries on phone
  • Contacts, Browser bookmarks, Installed Apps,
      Music (Artists, albums, tracks)
  • Loose match -- Not exact letter recognition --
       Lists possible matches
  • Upper or lower case,
       Can use multiple strokes (A, F), but not needed
  • Options to select searchable items, Refresh Index
  • Edit in bottom query display area:
      Swipe Left - last letter, Right - erase all
  • v 1.3 - Search Phone settings
  • 8/10 - v 1.2 - Activate with Double Flip motion
  • 3/10 - Android 2.0 or above
  • 5/10 - v1.1 - Numeric digits
  • Google Labs -


Apps - Information Services

Is there really a need for all these apps for current information, like news, sports, finance, and weather? There are plenty of web sites that will provide this kind of info, and even let you configure customized listings. Yet there are entire categories in the iPhone App Store and Android Market dedicated to each of these!

Yes, while web browsers are great for scanning though a variety of sites, a dedicated app can provide a much better experience on a smartphone -- with the information formatted to fit the screen without clumsy zooming or scrolling, and one-tap access to further information though finger-sized controls and tabs. Plus, you can store and customize your personal information more conveniently.

No wonder, than that you'll find news apps for the AP and the BBC, and sports apps like CBS Sports and specific sports like the NBA. And for your finances you can download a general financial news tool, as well as dedicated apps from your bank to manage your accounts, like Bank of America. (All iPhone and Android.)


Even an apparently straightforward app like The Weather Channel can provide an impressive range of useful features, albeit not all the same across all the supported platforms (it's free for the iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and BREW & Java). Besides local forecasts and conditions (customized to your list of locations), the app also displays a map view with animated radar / satellite and other customized overlays. Or you can watch local, national and international video forecasts, as on TV.

On the Android platform, The Weather Channel takes advantage of several additional useful features. You can configure small widgets to display on the main home screen, showing current weather summaries for selected locations. Even better, the app can run in the background checking for weather alerts, and then warn you of impending issues using the Notifications area across the top of the screen (the red circle with the exclamation mark). -- The weather alerts are treated like other notifications like alarms or incoming text messages -- and without interrupting your work in progress.


The Weather Channel

  • Location-based forecasts and conditions
  • Maps with layers - customizable, motion radar
        (radar, cloud/satellite, temp, rainfall, wind speed)
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Local, national and international video forecasts
  • Traffic cams (select markets)
  • Share alerts and forecasts via email
  • Store and nickname favorite locations
  • Android - Widgets - Small / large, location
         Notifications - Severe weather alerts, Curr. temp
  • Free - iPhone, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, BREW & Java
  • App Store:

Translation - Voice, Speech

The free Google Translate and Talk to Me apps for Android bring the full functionality of the online Google Translate cloud service into your hand, with over 50 languages currently supported -- plus voice input and text to speech. Not bad for what are basically simple dialog boxes to select the languages and listen to the translation -- with the heavy lifting done in the cloud. In this way, handheld apps are breaking free of the apparent limitations of the small platform, and are going to get a lot more sophisticated.


Google Translate


Talk to Me

  • Speak to translate
  • Voice input in English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish
  • Pico and eSpeak, high quality SVOX Mobile Voices (purchase separately)
  • Slow down / speed up speech rate and pitch
  • Send translated text as SMS / E-mail
  • Widget for quick translations of selected language
  • Talk To Me Cloud - Web service
  • Free - Android


Personal Information

Check out a potential date -- or business partner -- by searching personal, housing, and social information available online.

Intelius Date Check

  • "Lookup before you hookup"
  • Enter name, phone number, email address
  • Instant reports:
    • Sleaze Detector (convictions)
    • Compatibility (birth date, astrological)
    • $$$ (home ownership)
    • Living Situation (housing)
    • Interests (social and professional networks)
  • Free (upgrade for more info) - iPhone, Android, BlackBerry soon


Apps - Communications

  • Local communications - between devices
  • Remote access - over Internet

Local Communications - Between Devices

The original Palm devices could quickly "beam" contact information between devices over infrared. But how can you transfer between different types of devices? These could communicate by setting up a local connection over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi or cellular wireless -- or even Morse code between display and camera. But setting up local ad-hoc wireless connections can be messy for users. Instead, you can pass the data though the cloud -- as long as it's trivial to establish the match between the two devices -- as with Bump.


Bump - Connect two phones by bumping

  • Exchange on bump - Pair and transfer via cloud
  • Phone number, contact info, photos, compare friends
  • (vs. Palm IR beaming)
  • Contact card - profiles
  • Developer API - free for simple uses
  • Free - iPhone, iPod touch, Android


Remote Monitoring

Remotely monitor devices in your home.


Logitech Alert Video Security System

Remote Access - Over Internet

Yes, you can schedule recordings on your home DVR -- on your mobile phone. But why would you want to do that? Well, with the Verizon FiOS TV Remote DVR and DIRECTV services you can set up show to record, even when you're away from home, and review and cancel recordings. And you can browse TV listings and video on demand, and set parental controls. Today's touch-screen smartphones have matured enough that they actually provide a better interface for interacting with a DVR than logging in over the Internet or stepping though menus with a remote control.

Verizon FiOS Mobile - Verizon FiOS TV Remote DVR

  • Control DVR with your computer or mobile phone, for free
  • Browse / search TV Listings, Video on Demand, Pay Per View
  • Schedule / record shows
  • Review / remove scheduled and recorded programs
  • Turn on/off parental controls, [set up favorite channels]
  • Three ways to access:
    • Internet Website - Log in with My Verizon registration
    • Mobile App - Download application for mobile phone
           (Android, Blackberry, BREW / Feature phones)
    • Mobile Website - - Same registration
  • Verizon FiOS Mobile - Android App
    • Register phone number on website, or on TV
    • Confirm by entering authorization code on phone
    • VOD, DVR, TV Listings, Search, Parental Controls
    • [Favorites set up on DVR set-top box]
    • Search in context - show, actor, TV Listings, VOD, PPV
  • FiOS TV Central -
  • Mobile Access -

See article -

DIRECTV - Control Home DVR

Remote Controls

And you can use your smartphone as a remote control for your home music players or even computers.


Smartphone Remote -
     Logitech Harmony App for Android and iPhone

  • Logitech Revue with Google TV
  • Keyboard to find shows, touchpad to browse web
  • Remote control for home entertainment system
  • Gesture controls
  • Free app - iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android
  • 10/10 -



Apple Remote

Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote

  • Remote control functions for FiOS HD set-top-box
  • Transfer photo to TV, view slide show from phone
  • Connect over home Wi-Fi
       to Mobile Remote Widget on TV
  • Free - Android - Motorola Droid or HTC Imagio
  • 2/10 -


Logitech Touch Mouse


Apps - Visual Search

  • Take advantage of camera
  • Recognize objects - Barcodes, products, faces

Product Barcodes


Shop Savvy - Scan barcodes

  • Product information and pricing
  • Also QR Code - 2D matrix code
    (Quick Response, Denso-Wave)
  • Free - iPhone, Android, Nokia
  • Developer SDK for iPhone, Android

Visual Search - Recognize Objects


Google Shopper

  • Image search, Voice search, Text search
  • Image: Recognize barcodes, cover art
      Books, CDs, DVDs, video games
  • Google Product Search - Prices, reviews, specs
  • Save history and favorites - offline
  • Share - post to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, IM
  • Free - Android (2/10)

Google Goggles - Search with Pictures

  • Take photo to search and recognize
    • No need to type search
    • Products: Book covers, DVDs, Wine labels, etc.
    • Logos, Landmark structures, Artworks
    • Contact Info text recognition
    • 2/10 - Demo text translation - Signs
    • 5/10 - v 1.1 - Text translation, flash, crop, gallery;
      Read English, FIGS, translate to many more
  • Hold up phone for heads-up overlay of local businesses
  • Free - Android 1.6+
  • 10/10 - Feature of Google Mobile App for iPhone


Apps - Local Information / Maps

  • Find local stores and services, points of interest
  • Lists, maps - Navigation

Browser-Based Local Information


Google Local in Browser

Mapping -> Navigation

  • Map, Satellite, Traffic views; Street view
  • Real-time guidance

Google Maps for Mobile

  • Search by location, voice
  • Driving, transit and walking directions
  • Layers - Traffic and satellite; Street View imagery
  • Long press - "What's Nearby"
  • Search by voice
  • Personalized suggestions - Previous searches
  • Synchronized starring - Star icon next to place name
      Starred places synced between desktop and mobile
      (use Google Account)
  • Night mode in Navigation, automatically turn on at night
  • Free - Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia S60, Windows
  • Android - adds Navigation, Labs, Voice Search
  • 10/10 - Street View imagery on all 7 continents
  • 9/10 - Maps 4.5 on Android - Walking Navigation (Beta), Search bar
  • 8/10 - 100 million people using a month
  • 7/10 - v 4.4, Dedicated Places icon, drag to Home page
  • 6/10 - v 4.3 for Android - Place pages, transit schedules
  • 5/10 - v 4.2 for Android - biking directions, start from Home screen, share places
  • 2/10 - Stars, personalized search
  • 12/09 - Nearby, voice
  • Mobile browser -


Google Maps Navigation

Google Labs - Eyes-Free - Intersection Explorer and WalkyTalky


  • Speaks address of nearby locations as you pass them
  • Walking directions from Google Maps

Intersection Explorer

Location-Aware - Know Where You Are

  • Local information from cloud services
  • Local points of interest, businesses - List, Map

Yelp - Find nearby restaurants
     and businesses

  • View / upload ratings, reviews, photos
  • Feed - Reviews, Talk - discussions
  • Share - Check in location, Facebook and Twitter
  • 3GS - Monocle AR mode - Overlay business info
      Hold flat for rotating local map
  • Free -iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Android
    Mobile web -
  • iTunes Preview -

Places Directory (Google) - Browse nearby


Where - Local information now

  • Weather, news, restaurant reviews,
        closest coffee shop, cheapest gas,
        traffic updates, movie show times
  • Offers - Local deals, coupons
  • Pulse - Geo-located social media: Twitter feeds
  • Free - iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm
  • Mobile web -
  • uLocate -


Augmented Reality - Know Where You Are Looking

  • Combine local processing, location-awareness, cloud services, and camera
  • Local context augmented with cloud services
  • Live camera feed as heads-up display with overlay annotation
  • GPS location, compass, orientation + camera
  • Heads-up annotation - Compass, local information

AR - Sky / Stars Information



Google Sky Map - Star map window on night sky


AR - Traffic Information

Augmented Traffic Views

  • Real-time traffic maps and on-demand playback
  • 5000+ traffic cameras, 40+ North America cities/regions
  • Augmented Reality view - Available traffic cameras - show
  • Predictive Auto-Tracking – Traffic camera views ahead
  • SmartAlerts - Real-time traffic info based on location

PhantomAlert - Avoid traffic tickets

  • Proximity alerts when approach enforcement areas
  • Drivers report - Speed traps, speed cameras, red light cameras, school zones, DUI checkpoints, dangerous intersections, construction zones
  • $9.99 /mo., $39.99 / year, $99.99 / life
  • Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, GPS navigation devices

AR - Local Context


Google Goggles - AR view


Yelp - Monocle AR view

Wikitude - World Browser

  • World Browser -
         Presents data about surroundings
  • Landmarks and other points of interest
  • Geo-tagged online content -
         Photos, YouTube, Wikipedia;
         User-generated content
  • List, Map, Camera view overlay
  • Free - Android, iPhone, Symbian
  • Mobilizy -

Layar - Mobile Augmented Reality Browser

  • Displays selected content layer information
         on top of camera image
  • Browser - Layers like web pages,
         developed by content partners
  • Enhanced AR view with 3D grid, Map and list views
  • Search, "Take me There" function
  • v2.1 - Share layer and screen shot
  • v3.0 - 3D objects & Log in for specific layers
  • Free - Android, iPhone
  • SPRXmobile -

See article - Augmented Reality Goes Mobile