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  Adobe Encore DVD: In the Studio

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  Full Contents


1. Introducing Adobe Encore

The Encore Window
Starting a DVD Project
Creating the Main Menu
Encore Behind the Scenes
Previewing the DVD
Building DVD Folders
Burn Your DVD
Quick DVD

2. Deconstructing DVDs

Talking the Talk
DVD Physical Disc Formats
DVD Application Data Formats
DVD Product Features
DVD Data Files
Playing DVDs
Deconstructing DVDs

3. Assets and Projects

What Assets Can I Import?
Understanding Projects
The Library Palette

4. Timelines

Introducing Timelines
Creating Timelines in Encore
Creating Still Image Tracks and Slide Shows for Timelines
Subtitle Tracks

5. Encore Menu Design

Creating Menus
Encore Menu Editing
Adding Menu Text
Creating Menu Buttons
Menu Button Routing and Numbering
Using Styles

6. Working with Photoshop and Other Applications

Importing Photoshop Menus
Transferring Menus to Photoshop and Back
Editing Buttons in Photoshop
Editing Photoshop Menus
Creating Menus in Photoshop
Creating Encore Elements and Styles
Encore and After Effects
Encore and Premiere Pro
Encore and Other Applications

7. Links and DVD Navigation

Making Links
Chaining Links
Drag-and-Drop Navigation
Viewing Elements and Links
Linking with Properties
Setting Navigation Properties
Previewing and Checking Links

8. Transcoding and Building Discs

Automatic Transcoding
Transcoding Assets
Building Projects
Building and Burning DVDs

9. Designing Great DVDs

Designing Menus
Designing Timelines
Designing Navigation
Great DVDs